Kicker motor (mount, etc) recomendations and where to buy?

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  1. Hey Guys!

    Just posted this on another forum, but figured I would ask here as well...I definately need some advice!

    I bought an 09 Trophy 2152 walk around last fall and am ready to pull the trigger on a kicker set up for the boat. I have been trying to research all the possible options/prices on mounts and motors, and it is driving me bonkers..

    Motors: i have pretty much settled on a yamaha T-8 or T-9, Mercury pro kicker, or a tohatsu 9.8 for just a touch less. I think I am going to go with power tilt/electric start. I also plan on getting an EZ steer setup for the rig.

    i am at a loss wether to get a 20 or 25 inch shaft. I know it pretty much depends on my mounting system, which brings me to my other dilema..

    it seems most folks advise against the adjustable mounting brackets from Garelick, etc., (but I was looking at the panther 4 stroke model, $400) Everyone raves about the OMC mounts, but try as I might, I cannot for the life of me find ANY on the net...are they out of production? I have talked to a few who say go with a fixed mount, and I am looking at this one from adventure marine..

    So I guess my questions are:

    1) Is there a good local place (or Online) who you reccommend to buy the motor? (i am new to the area..(Harrison Township)

    2) Which shaft length should I get? 20 or 25?

    3) which mounting system should I go with?

    basically, if you had my boat, how would you set it up? I would like to keep the set up around 3K if possible..I definately want to do this right the first time, before I start drilling holes through my shiny new boats transom!

    thanks guys!

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  2. I see you are thinking power tilt which is a good idea. I have it on my 15 Merc and it is great. Old boat had the Panther lift which is pretty sweet too especially on rough days. You should at least pick up the motor strap from Panther. I don't recall what the proper name for it is but when the motor is in the up position it holds the kicker securely so it does not bounce while running. As for shaft length that depends on your transom, I would think you need the long shaft for your boat. Rose Marine is a good group and they can help you out with all your needs. You may want to check classified ads. There is a Mercury, and a Yammie t-8 for sale. The Mercury is located in Hamtramic. Good luck.

  3. I got a 20ft CC and with a 10hp Mercury 4 stroke kicker, with electric start. I'm using the heavy duty Panther lift, which will handle the weight of the motor,135 lbs. The Panther lift is spring assist and usally I have to push the motor down and it will pop-up when released to lift. I been using it for 4 years and have no complains on the motor or lift. I got the lift from Cabela's , there around $320.
  4. I have an 1802 walkaround and considered getting a kicker at one time. Due to the size of the transom, I discovered that I needed an extra long shaft which I believe is the 25" length.
  5. I also would recomend talking to Bill Rose at Rose Marine, he has always gone above and beyond as far as I'm concerned. Real good and honest group of guys.
  6. I second that,go to Rose they helped me out a ton !!!!great people there.
  7. I agree with Rose Marine but be forewarned. They are busy as hell with work coming out of their ears. Don't let that stop you though.

    Tonga, do you have any ideas?
  8. I have an OMC kicker motor bracket that I would sell, check your PM's

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