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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wook, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I'm picking up a Mercury 5hp 4 stroke long shaft for my 17' Lowe Deep V. Currently I'm using the 90hp Mercury 2 stroke for trolling and I hate it. I know big motors shouldn't be run like that. It does okay speed wise for salmonid trolling but for walleye, it just can't get down into the 1.0-1.5mph for running harnesses. Any suggestion on mounting this sucker? Any knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated as I know nothing about doing this. Thanks.

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  2. I would think it could mount right on your transom and then all you would have to do is figure out how your going to run your fuel line and such.. Here is pictures of mine but the motor I got was a short shaft so I had no other recourse than a transom bracket..

    Here is how you should be able to connect them togeather for steering


    Here is a picture of mine


  3. Slick fishing, that looks like a really nice setup. The transom on your boat looks very much like mine. What does it cost for a mount bracket like you have?
  4. WOOK if you have a long shaft on that kicker of yours you wont need the bracket like I got because it should mount right on the transom and reach far enough down into the water to puxh you along just fine.. I have the bracket on mine because my kicker is a short shaft 5hp Yamaha, so I had to use a bracket, the cost of the bracket is a little over a hundred.. Cya Slick
  5. i have a merc 15 hp 4 stroke big foot long shaft on my lund sportsman. no need for a bracket with a long shaft, that is the purpose of the long shaft. if you get any type of a bracket, do yourself a MAJOR FAVOR and get a power lift bracket ( about 400$ ). i got real tired real quick having to bend over picking up the motor everytime i wanted to move. not to mention the 3 foot waves make it a real interesting ordeal out on the big water. it only took me a half season to wake up to the saftey factor of bending over verus the power lift bracket. (completely spoiled now with mister switch)
    now the fuel line is no problem, you can install a fuel line splitter and just turn a valve for main motor or kicker. i had to do this due to the fact that my kicker is 4 stroke and main is 2 stroke. i put the splitter on right where the fuel line comes out of the rear decking and reinforced the line with a piece of stainless rod so it took all the flex out of it ( didn't like the idea of it bending and breaking) so it wouldn't break and start a FIRE!!!! ( not a good thing )
    good luck with whatever you do

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