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  1. My wife informed me today that her boss sent a notice to the township that we have to many dogs.
    You see she works at the Livingston Co. animal control dept. and we like to do the right thing and license our dogs and since we have purchased 4 dog licenses we are one over and need a kennel license.
    Now mind you she knows we had to put one down 12/31 and we got another in mid january.
    She also knows one is a 15 year old yorkie that won't be around much longer & one is a soon to be 13 year old GSP that won't be around much longer either.
    What burns me sort of is one one hand she will go by the book & on the other hand she will break the rules on so many other things it just isn't right.
    won't get to worked up over it though, she did this a few years ago and nothing became of it.
    Supposed I'll check into the requirements with the township though.

    Any input from kennel operators would be appreciated

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  2. I have a kennel license in Lapeer county. Some counties such as St. Clair have what are known as hobby kennel licenses for your own personal dogs when you have more than allowed. I would check with the county or township on that first. If you want to get a full kennel license, each township & county have there own rules you'll need to check on and they can be very extensive believe me.

  3. I have a kennel licence but chose to get one because you don't need a rabies shot and licence each dog individually. It saves me a ton of money with the kennel licence. I get ten dog tags for $40.00 but it is different for each county so I'd give it a look. I had to have it double fenced, proper housing, proper flooring, a roof and they even check the way I feed and water to have it pass.
  4. you need a kennel license for 4 dogs? thats surprising to me
  5. i Live in branch county they wont give out a kennel licence any more at all
  6. I pay $75. for 30 dogs.

    Back Woods
  7. BigWoods: Wha? No rabies shot? I hope you just meant you didn't need to license individually.

    drwink: AS you indicated you would do, I would suggest an immediate call to your township. They rule the roost when it comes to kennel licenses. They use the county guidelines, but will invariably have rules of their own. I contacted Tyrone township where I will be building my house and they had quite a bit if stuff for me to consider when I build the kennel. AND I needed to have a minimum of 10 acres to even qualify for a kennel license. Luckily I have 12 acres.
  8. Not what I meant at all Duckman. If I needed a rabies shot I would never have had my kennel passed and got my licences from the dog warden. As I said earlier....each county is different. Thats the purpose of the double fencing around the kennel. A kennel licence saves me alot of money because of individual licence fees and rabies shots.
  9. When the animal control officer come to inspect my kennels each spring, no shots of any kind required. Double fencing. $20.00 inspection fee and $10.00 license fee. for ten dogs, notice of license posted visible when interring back yard or at the kennel.

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