Jackson County Ice Report

Discussion in 'IceFishingMichigan.com' started by ReddHead, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. that is weird. I heard someplace that he was doing a seminar around here but not at Knutsons.

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  2. This one sounds good to me! I'll be looking to recruit Averageguy, Fractureman, and the elusive Johnnywhite!

  3. Anyone seen people or been on Brills?
  4. hit clear yesterday 4+ in ice 6 hrs 11 keepers 5-6 bass tough fishen.......john
  5. Going out this afternoon. Lets keep this thread going guys. I love seeing reports from local lakes.
  6. I fished Clear lake yesterday the 17th with only a few dinks. I could only fish for 2 hours right smack dab in the middle of the day (1:00-2:00) so my chances where skewed anyways. Could not find them in the weeds or the shallows for that matter did not try deep basin much. Fished North lake on the 16th at night with no luck as well, I think maybee the drastic weather changes have messed with the fish a bit hopefully it will get better.....I am sure it will.
  7. sat and sun will be a great days to get out the snow stroms the fish will be biting we are going to try lock erin sat and maybe sun to:fish:
  8. Sounds like a winner, I will be out as well.
  9. I'm hitting my speck hole tomorrow after the storm. I think it will be great fishing. I would prefer the front side of this storm but you play with the cards your dealt.
  10. Went out to Lake Leann this afternoon. The main lake still has less than 3 inches. It's always scary when the water comes up your hole to the rythym of the guy walking 20 yards away from you:eek:. Needless to say, we left and went to a little unknown lake and and did alright. One would think the fishing would have been great right before this storm but it wasn't hot and heavy by any means!! I'm getting impatient to get on some stuff that I know but I keep having to tell myself that we usually don't even have ice yet.

  11. Did real well right before the storm on little cats none keepers but it kept my ultra light gear buzzing, got two crapies and one gill to show. Fished from 9pm to 12am. Going to have myself a little panfish poor boy.
  12. Any recent reports for Cranberry Lake? Wondering ice thickness, and fish activity? Planning on going here Sat. Maybe I'll see ya.
  13. any ice thickness reports on the local lakes?
  14. Although the wind kept me off the lakes today, the temps are great and this wind is hopefully blowing the snow off to make for easy pullin!!
  15. me and a good friend are heading out to four mile our to a lake in pickney

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