Jackson and irish hills ice fishing reports

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by jacktownhooker, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Hi all ! .....just in case we have an ice age this year i have started over a new thread for this year .
    Also include ice condition reports to help us all out .

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  2. I have gotten 25 rods and reels ready ....a new cordless drill with twice the power....fishfinder batteries charged up....snowmobile running and trailer done...hooks sharpened and new lures bought ....got my deers .....ready for ice .....anyone else ?

  3. Sure hoping I can put my shed on lake this winter. In the spring of 2010, I rebuilt the roof, improved the insulation, painted the inside black and rebuilt the floor to improve the floor plan. Now it can fit and fish 4 guys easily with a large hole for viewing fish. All I got to view last year was it sitting in the yard.
  4. Fishin' Wizard

    Ready to go and waiting. Just deciding on whether to upgrade my Vex to a GPS sonar unit or buy the new ION auger this year because my strikemaster auger has 13 years of hard service now. Bring it on. Most if the best lakes I know have had low water all year and haven't been fished. The gills must be hungry!!!
  5. I have got the hardwater itch pretty bad (since last year sucked for ice fishing). I have been checking the long term forecasts on various weather sites (wunderground, twc, accuweather) multiple times a day, like it's an addiction to a drug.

    Already added some more Fiskas wolfram packs to my arsenal. I am really really really hoping for safe ice (4-5 inches or more for me) between the holidays.
  6. A water puddle was frozen in my driveway the other morning in Tecumseh:lol:
  7. Thats a start !
  8. Cant go wrong with either choice .....get the ion...get instant new friends with it ! :D
  9. I always thought of doin that too.......probably too busy building 3 deer blinds last year .
  10. I heard the dnr cancelled the ice again this year in your area.:evilsmile
  11. Ordered a new shanty last night. Now I hope we get some ice. I didn't fish once last ice season. :( Who wants to plan a trip north for a plan B? It can be the "First Inaugural Al Gore Fishing Trip". :lol:
  12. Plan A was to go ice fishing for steelhead this weekend. Plan B is to go surf fishing for steelhead this weekend. It looks like Plan B since there is no ice.
  13. Fishin' Wizard

    Went with the sonar/GPS. Always wanted a GPS combo for ice and this will also work for a travel sonar for the canoe or rentals and a bow mount for my Lund. Three solutions with one purchase. I got a hummingbird ICE 385CI. There's a rebate so I get another chip for free. I also have a spare transducer for the canoe so this worked out well. I'll treat the Strikemaster to a new spark plug this year.
  14. I got out 1 time in Irish Hills last year. As a backup plan, catching smelt in Higgins is alot of fun! Although last season the ice was very iffy. Usually there is 18 inches of clear ice by the end of January!
  15. I FISHED 4 TIMES LAST YEAR ON THE ICE......stood on the banks 3 times.
    I am 50 lbs. lighter now than last year so thinner me is nice for some thinner ice .

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