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  1. I was looking at a job today and noticed a muzzleloader in the rafters of the garage. I ask the home owner about it and to make a long story short I bought it for $10. The barrel is marked with FIE Italy . It is missing the nipple, ramrod and a ramrod holder ring (this is the best I can decribe it). If someone has any info on the gun or where I could find some it would be helpful. I have searched the web and have found very little so maybe I will have better luck here.
  2. were pretty common. A lot of companies had italian gunmakers make guns for them.
    I have a Cabela's Sporterized hawken made in Italy.
    You should be able to get the things you need for it at any place that has a decent number of muzzle loading accesories.
    May want to have a gunsmith look at it, make sure no one has left a cheage in it for years or the barrel could be to heavily corroded to use, then it will be one to hang over the fire place for decoration only.

  3. FIE was a firearm importer based in Miami, FL in the '80s. They were much like the current EAA corp. Most of their imports were rather inexpensive firearms. Remington Nylon 66 knock-offs made in Brazil, Rifles made in turkey, czech, russia, single-shot shotguns from brazil, etc...
    I wouldn't doubt that they imported some muzzle loaders as well. As far as I know, everything they imported could be clasified as "entry level" or "economy" firearms.

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