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Is Kura Clover Roundup tolerant?

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by RIVERAT, Jan 23, 2011.


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    west michigan
    I just got word from one of the other guys on this forum that he sprayed roundup over his Kura Clover patch, without killing the Kura Clover itself. If he would like to share his experience here, that's up to him.

    Just wondering--are there others here who have had a similiar experience? That Clethodim is pretty expensive. Seems like I read in some of Ed Spinzollas literature a while back that Kura was RU tolerant --??
  2. StevenJ

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    Here's Ed's literature:


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  3. todd v

    todd v
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    this is my story, I followed ed's reccomendation with the exception of spraying in june and not mid may,I am in cheboygan county. I had a plot of clover some ladino and I do not remember what else in said plot as far as variety. It was beggining to be over run with weeds. I sprayed 4 ounces to the gallon with my backpack,worked awsome clover shriveled for a spell and came back better than ever , no freekin weeds. ed knows what he is talking about.
    I also did this in a clover plot that was getting sparse with clover because weeds were real bad. then the next day overseeded with clover and that also worked for me.
  4. Luv2hunteup

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    At camp in the EUP if not on here
    I've sprayed my clover mix plots with 3/4 quart of generic round up and had good results. The mix did include Kura that I purchased from Welter Seed. I sprayed in June but spring comes much later to the EUP than it does in the rest of the state. My clover bounced back real good, the annual grasses were gone and the sedge grasses were set back. I could really tell where I missed with my sprayer. The clover came back good enough to repeat the process any year that grasses/weeds begin to invade my perennial clover plots.