Is cougar meat any good?????

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by lookin for the gills, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. :lol: :lol: I am joking of course. Actually I am not. Not that I would kill one if I saw one:rolleyes: , but I was just wondering if you think they would taste good? They eat all meat. I would think they do taste good.

    Here is a little tidbit from the local newspaper last week on a guy who has a picture of a cougar.

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  2. when we lived 'out West' several folks we knew had. I'd always thought 'carnivore' meat wouldn't taste good, but I guess I was wrong.

    Tonight on Jim Zumbo, he said he had some 'cougar sausage' that was really good.

    Think I'll pass.
    On second thought, if offered, I guess I would try it once.........just to see.
    ~ m ~

  3. Med-rare off the grill,.........let's give it a shot ! :corkysm55
  4. I've read that the mountain men considered mtn. Lion the best tasting meat of all of the animals they shot. I'd try some if the opportunity presented itself. Seems to me there is a guy that frequents these boards that lives in Oregon and has harvested a bunch of cougers out west, maybe he will chime in with an opinion.
  5. Seriously. Have a buddy that took a nice lion out west a couple of years ago, he brought some of it cooked into a swedish meatball dish to a wild game dinner.

    Hardly anyone wanted to try it, but I just had to. It was sweet, and fairly rich, but it was good, and before I was done with my portion, a lot of other people had tried it and agreed with me.

    Never thought I would eat a cat, tho...LOL
  6. L :lol: L!
    Thanks! I'd have replied sooner but I needed to clean the coffee off my monitor first :lol:
  7. I think Michigan Cougar would taste like Sasquatch backstraps. ;)
  8. Michigan cougars are excellent tasting. Kind of taste like chicken.!!!
  9. All Michigan Cougar meat tastes like High Grade Prime Rib. :lol:
  10. here we go....

    but seriously after i get the elusive ionia county couger i'll let you guys know
  11. I prefer Bald Eagle to cougar meat, but that's just me!!!:lol: It may be because they're more abundant here in Michigan.

    But seriously, someone posted something similar to this earlier this year and he took a cougar out in Wyoming or somewhere out West and he said he really liked the taste.
  12. Some guys eat cat and some guys don't :D
  13. I would think people eat them, why else would you hunt them if you don't eat them?? :confused:
  14. It's good and all, but the thing is, you're hungry again 30 minutes later...

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