Is Capt Nichols Perch Charter still around?

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by lookin for the gills, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. I am just curious about perch charters on Lake Michigan? Unless anyone on here does any perchin in the big lake. What can I expect to pay for a day on the lake for perch? I could of swore my old man told me it was pretty cheap when he was a kid. Of course gas prices could have made that price jump.

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  2. Last I heard they were selling their boats, not sure if they're still in business. Here their info.

    Don & Vickii Nichols
    515 Williams St. South Haven, Mi 49090
    269-637-2507 after 5pm 269-236-6433

  3. CAPTAIN NICHOLS is gone. One of the boats is now in Hawaii, not sure where the other went. Perch charters are going to run no less than $300 for 4 hours. My opinion, those that offer perch charters don't really do that great of a job.
  4. Thats too bad. I was hoping to take my boy out on the big lake. 300 dollars!!!:yikes: really!!! Oh well I guess I wait for ice out down here in Jackson and hit inland lakes. Thanks for the info guys
  5. I think they still have a party boat going out in the summer.
  6. might be $300 but if you can get a group of 6 together its not so bad.
    years ago we used a charter out of saugatuk(sp) for perch. It was called "U.S.Male" They where sub- chartered out of "Best chance charters" .
    As far as I know, "U.S." is still in biz. They do salmon as well, we hit the perch big time with Approx 350 perch we brought back to dock in a 4 hour PM trip...
  7. Yes I believe duckman is correct.I think they still do some charters out of saugatuck,But if not I am sure you could find someone willing to take you once they start up.I only have a 16ft. but would be glad to take you this summer. i fish mainly out of Holland.
  8. Ya know, I'm trying really hard not to laugh at seeing "U.S. Male" and "out of Saugatuck" in the same sentence.

    I can't do it....LMAO!!!!! :lol::lol:;)
  9. I called them last summer and was told the captain had retired. It's too bad, I was hoping someone would take over the business. The last time I went was with a group of about 20, and had a real good time. Don't know of another place in MI were that many people could all go out on a boat together fishing.
  10. I think there should be a boat like that out on erie. Anyone want to loan me the money to get the business set up and buy a boat of that size????:lol:
  11. There already is! :lol: I believe it's out of Port Clinton, OH. I've seen it a few times while walleye fishing on the reefs.
  12. You beat me to the punch!!!
  13. Spanky


    The best part is, those boats are actually called "head boats". hows that grab ya TC? :D

  14. Here's a place that last I knew still runs a big party boat. Not sure how good they do though. They have some campsites and are just north of singing bridge on lake huron. I stopped and got a brochure once, and its only like $25 a person, and $15 for kids. I think the best bet would be Lake Erie though as mentioned, there's a few down that way, and more perch probobly.

    I will send you a pm where you can catch them in summer with your own boat though.


    Miss Charity Isle - Capt. Jerry Brown
    Brown's Landing
    1187 Dyer Rd
    Tawas City, MI 48763
    (989) 362-3737

  15. There's a few that run out of Port Clinton and east of there. The going rate is usually 35 a person and they usually get you onto the fish. I think the first part of the summer they drift for walleye and switch over to perch later on.

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