Iron Mill Pond

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  1. Outside of Manchester...Anybody have an idea on weather this is a private or public lake ?? Any clue how to get on the lake if it isnt public ? Thanks !
  2. I live on Iron Mill Pond. This is a PRIVATE lake in Manchester Township. If you want access to the lake, buy lakefront property and pay the property taxes! If you enter the lake for fishing, boating, kayaking, etc that will be considered TRESPASSING and we will call the sheriff immediately. There are several other public lakes in the area so I suggest going there (Wamplers Lake, Allen Lake, Deep Lake, etc).

  3. I am in the process of looking at a Cottage on Iron Mill Pond. Any chance you can give me the scope on what species of fish are in the Lake? I love to Pike fish, are there any in the lake?
  4. As far as fish in the lake,there are pike,bass,all the panfish species(bluegill,crappie,perch),dog fish,bull head,carp,suckers,shiners.I've seen 1 gar in 50 years of fishing there.As far as size on the pike,most are just barely legal size(24inches).Most of the big pike are caught ice fishing.Same thing with the bass.I've caught more big bass on tip ups then during the normal season.The best time to catch the bigger bass is at night on top water lures(Jitter Bugs).The lake is a good producer of better than average size bass.Only problem is when summer is in full swing,the lake is over grown with weeds.The lake association has yet to agree on spending the money to control the weeds.There are good sized pike but trolling for them is hard because the lakes small size and irregular shape and weed growth.PM me if you need any personal info on access or fishing spots.

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