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Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by fowl, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. i am looking at fishing a southern MI inland lake this spring for walleye. When is the best time to fish (month/ day or night, etc.)? And what is the best technique for this time of year and situation?

    I am thinking an effective way would be to fish shallower water (8-15ft) by casting body baits, jigs, and drifting minnows under slip bobbers. It seems that walleye in lakes move in to shallower water in the spring to spawn and feed.

    Can anyone provide any tips or insight on this topic?

    Most of my walleye have been on rivers and erie. I have never really targeted them on an inland lake.

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  2. Fowl, maybe this would help? ON inland lakes I like to go smaller and stick to natural baits like crawlers and minnows. I like the depths your speaking of 8 - 15. Use the plain rig style single or tandem hook tie on 6lb line with enough splitshot 48 inchs abouve crawler to just tic the bottom. I do this mostly drifting with the wind and if its a calm day I'll slow troll with an electric motor. Present the crawler as natural as you can onto the hook/s.
    GOOD LUCK....

  3. Check to make sure you are fishing for them withing the season dates!!!

    We got walleye on several lakes all summer long using husky jerks and x-raps.
  4. On inland lakes, especially clear ones with a lot of boat traffic, you can't beat fishing at night. I prefer longline trolling rapalas over feeding flats. If you get a good full moon, even better. Trolling with small, 4 stroke, quiet kicker motors or with electric motors helps. Using big bladed spinners (for more fish attracting thump) on bottom bouncers is also a good night presentation if the flat is relatively clean of weeds.
  5. Hey WaterFoul Thanks for the advice on the cranks. But what size and what colors do you use? Any info. is helpful thanks.
  6. The hot one last year was the X Rap gold.............size xr10......:yikes:

    Used them in 6 fow and out to over 30 fow and the gold x raps called them up. Loud rattle. Jerk it down hard, wait a few seconds and then jerk again then keep repeating this.

    Don't ask Waterfoul, he's still trying to catch eyes with senkos.
  7. I have good luck in the early spring w/ slip bobbers, small jigs tipped with a leach. Fish the points next to deeper water, I usually do best in 12' to 15', and of course at dawn and dusk.
    Good luck

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