Indian arrowheads

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  1. Ok,
    The subject of finding arrowheads came up the other day. Looking for these things is something I have been doing for about 6 years now. I thought I would post a pic of a few that I have found over the years. I have a few other things I've found like fire starters, drills, ect. Anybody ever find any arrowheads or anything else??? Let's hear it, someone has to have found some cool stuff!!!


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  2. How and where (without being too specific) do you find those? What is the average number of hours spent afield per find?

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    There's money in them there broadheads. Had a buddy who's now deceased that used to search every vacation for them in farmers fields in Virginia where his mother lived. He used to build small cabinets to categorize them but could keep up and had them laying in drawers all over his basement. My guess is he had over 5000 broadheads, these things were everywhere. Someone wanted to buy out the whole lot for 100 grand and he wouldn't sell.
    It was pretty amazing how far the indians come along in their broadhead making. Heads from say 500 years a go, would be not much more then barely sharpened rock. To the ones like you found which may be 150 years old.
    I wonder what ever happend to this collection, he was married 3 times, and was on the outs with #3. So keep looking someday someone will want to give you some dollars to make your retirement more comfortable.

    Shoeman, you remember me mentioning the drunk railroad engineer and what he did to his beagle? This was the guy.
  4. I probably have around 100 or so of these right now. But now on to the finding. Well, plowed fields real early in the spring after a few hard rains is the best time to find them. In the fall can be good to if the farmer plows up the field, then it's the same, after a few good rains. Any field that is close to any river, small and big, are some of the best places I know, even by creeks you would think are to small. And fields by a lake work good too. Once I find a field(and have permission) I look at it to find the highest part of it that is within a few hundred yards. That is where I always start looking. The first thing to look for are flint chips, there are way more of these than arrowheads. They are just the pieces of flint knocked off the arrowhead while making it. Another good thing to look for is called fire rock. These are the rocks the Indians used to put around there fire pits. By now they are broken and are smooth on the outside edge and are kind of square on the opposite side, because the heat breaks them eventually. I hope I explained that well enough. Once you have found chips or fire rock you know you are in a good area. If I look a field I'll scan over it for about an hour, if I don't find anything I'll leave. If I do find some flint I'll look the whole field over.

    finding a field you think has arrowheads can take a long time. Once you find a good spot, I would guess 2-4 hours are spent for each arrowhead(or whatever else you can find), depending on how good you are at spotting them. I have taken people and found ones they walked right over:) I find all of mine within a 50 mile radius of Kalamazoo. oh yeah...a really good time to find them is in the rain too because when the flint of an arrowhead is wet it shines, that kind of makes them easier to see.

    Hope this helps and if anyone has any questions on finding them, or even ones they have found, I'll try to help.
  5. I have been looking for arrow heads for quite a few years now i know i have atleast 60 or so. i did find one ace and that is a birdstone. i have also found a few other things like river axes and something that looks like they ground flower with or something.
  6. you found a birdstone!!!!! that's great:) Can you post a pic of it...I would love to see it. One other thing...what is a river axe? Never really heard of those, is it just like a normal axe or something?
  7. I found that birdstone last year. i know of 3 people that have found them one guy found one that was missing its head. the river axe kinda looks like a dull axe. i will take some pictures of the stuff i have found and get them scanned. i have been doing alot research on old maps that show the burial grounds gardens hunting camps and trails and i came across this thing called earth works.i really dont know how true this is but there is a rumor that on top of this hill in muir is a remains of a double ditch hilltop fort made by the mound builders when they were at war with the indains. i have looked for it on many occasions and still havent been able to find it. the search continues.......
  8. Is that river axe you are referring to a Celt? That is just like an axe with no groove. Just wondering?
  9. One of our neighbor's down the road that we were really close to that is now deceased had a field that is probably about 30 acres. Every evening he'd go down and pull weeds from his beans and corn that was in it's early stages. I don't know how many he ever found but we think that there was a indian village there at one time. He found all kinds of things from arrow heads to spear heads to things they used for grinding corn. Like I say, I don't know how many he ever found but every night that I was over there he'd come back with atleast 3 things. He also got top price for his corn and beans from weeding every night. He was an awesome guy and I really miss him.
  10. Good job trout, that's funny, we were talking about it the other day and now look you find one. You know where there's one there's more so keep your eyes on the ground!!!
  11. Ahh I wondered who was leavin tracks in my spot! I've been beat out there two years in a row now! I've been collecting them for 20 years and I have quite a massive collection. Lets get together this spring Hypox. I'd like to go find some new places that aren't so picked over! I have a sifter so if you know of any good places where we might get permission to dig! Except graves! But a ridge along a river(at a known site) usually produces everthing from arrowheads to pottery!

    Finding a birdstone is almost impossible anymore! Those are worth big bucks if they are in good condition!
  12. stumpjumper, that sounds great. I have some spots we can go look. I found a new spot last year, I only found two but I don't think people look it at all.
  13. Allright I'll holler at ya this spring! I know a couple spots by Mendon, but it's getting slim pickings. There has to be some undiscovered sites out there! Were those points in the pic from local sites? I don't know how much you know about them but some, possibly all of those date back about 3,500 years! It would be Archaic period. Those are the sites that produce the birdstones!
  14. StumpJumper...

    No, I really never learned that much about the age of them...I would love to learn more about it though. And yes...I found everyone of those locally. I can remember exacly where I found every one.
  15. How did you get into artifact hunting? Did you just accidentally find one and start looking? There's alot of good books out there. I have a few at my dads house. Alot of arrowheads are made the same so identifying them isn't to hard. I mean by age and type etc. Next time I'm over there I'll get the names of them. Well get out this spring and load down!

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