ILLEGAL Crossbows for MI. Hunting

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by beervo2, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. After reading and hearing about some of the crossbows people are buying to use for hunting, I thought maybe we should have a list of crossbows that exceed the 350 fps law that we have here in Michigan:dizzy:....(Unless you are grandfathered in under your disability permit)

    Please remember that the DNR will be using the manufacturers data to determine speed so adjusting arrow weight WILL NOT matter..:rant:

    Make - Model - Speed

    PSE - TAC 15 - 402-412 fps
    BowTech - Stryker - 405 fps
    BowTech - Stryke Force - 385 fps
    Barnett - Predator - 375 fps
    Scorpyd - RDT 125 - 370 fps
    Darton - Lightning - 362 fps
    Middleton - DTM 355 - 355 fps
    Middleton - DTM 375 - 375 fps

    If you find other crossbows that exceed 350 fps please post their names and speed...


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  2. I think that might be a bit premature Mike. I'm still in conference with the DNR in that regard and at the moment it's not clear as to what will be deemed illegal. I've received two different responses and the law Division is asking for clarification. The problem arises from the language being used and the intent of the NRC when they made the stipulation.
    Clearly the NRC deemed the "speed" of 350+ fps illegal and not the bow itself. Yet the language is clouded by using the term "capacity" of a bow. As soon as I get confirmation of EXACTLY what the law will encompass, I will certainly pass it along. In the end it may end up being just what you are posting but I have a feeling that won't stick too long.;)

  3. Please let me know Ted, I was going by what 2 different CO's have told me.. Sorry if I'm wrong... It's sure not the first time and I know it won't be the last time...
    I was just trying to give somebody the option of maybe buying a crossbow with a 350 fps rating or under just to be safe...

  4. I completely understand and by no means are you at fault here. It's just another bonehead writing a sentence that has no clue as to what the ramifications could potentially be.
  5. OK here's the update as told to me and quoted from the MDNR Facebook which can certainly be regarded as public info. The DNR representative responding is Debbie Munson Badini. When I asked if this was the official MDNR position she responded:Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    Ted -- yes, this is the official DNR response. If you have further technical questions, I'd be happy to put you in touch with someone from our crossbow committee. ;) So here's it is:

    I believe this is pretty clear from this statement that the crossbow will not be deemed illegal UNLESS it exceeds 350fps with the bolt you are using to hunt with.
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  6. Thanks Ted, that clears it up pretty good.....
    If you can adjust your arrows to slow your crossbow down it should be legal no matter what the manufacturers rating is...

    Moderators please delete this thread..

  7. Agreed. Which was the intent as we heard it anyway.;)
  8. It's just like horsepower rating on an engine.......depends what RPM it is tested at.

    Test the crossbow with a heavier bolt, and voila, a lower FPS rating.

    So, just call the company, and have them send you a sticker with the speed rating as tested with a heavier arrow.....slap that on your bow, and how can it be fought??????

    You could take a bow rated at 350, and use an 85 grain head, carbon bolts, light components, and be way over the limit.

    Another case of big government not knowing what the hell they are talking about, and just passing laws that look good on paper
  9. Great news MI all the bows listed in this post are now legal.
  10. Just curious, would a bow rated at 350' PS (excalibur exomax) be illegal ?? or would it have to be over 350'PS to be deemed illegal.Thx
  11. The NRC voted last night to remove all restrictions on crossbow hunting, for 10 yr olds and up, across the state except after Nov 30 in the UP. In addition the sunset rule was eliminated.
  12. They are all legal now...


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