Ignition or starter problem Honda Rancher

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  1. A couple of days ago I had a problem with my starter on my 2004 Honda Rancher. I started the machine and while it was idleing the starter engaged. I shut the machine off and started it again and it stopped. While going back out fishing that afternoon I started the machine and it stalled out because I couldn't get over to it and work the choke. While I was walking up to it the machine started on it own and the starter stayed engaged. Several attempts of shutting the machine off and on failed to disengage the starter. As soon as you turn the ignition on the starter engages and won't shut off. The starter button isn't sticking on it so I'm looking for some suggestions as to what my problem might be. I replaced the starter on it a little over a month ago. Seems to me though the proble would be in the ignition switch or the starter button. Any thoughts?:dizzy:
  2. sounds like a short in the wire harness some where

  3. if that model has a starter solenoid check the wires there had similar problem on one and the wires were a little loose which caused them to contact each other and it would engage every time I hit a bump.
  4. It appears that from what you are saying that the circuit to the solenoid is staying energized. That is exactly like taking your ignition key and leaving it in the crank position thus always engaging the starter. Check all of your wire connections (possible short - - due to loose wires making contact). Check voltage to starter solenoid. After initial crank you should not have current to engage starter solenoid. Also check your wires at the starter button. Even though the starter button isn't stuck in the "in position" that doesn't mean that the circuit is open. The switch could be stuck in the closed position (bad switch).
    Good look
  5. Thanks for the replies


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