IDing Menominee vs Whitefish

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  1. Starting this as separate thread as is a different topic...

    I know generally, Whitefish get bigger and I believe are slightly broader than a Menominee...but is there a sure identifier to use to tell the difference between two of about the same size?

    In looking at the MI DNR Fish ID pages, it looks like the Whitefish has a slight hump on the back above the gill plates?

    In the recent post by FishSlayer with the pic with 6 fish showing (4 Menom/2 White) 5 of the 6 seem to look about the same in body shape? And the hump I was looking for doesn't seem obvious in the pic except for the big one? So, I'm not sure which is which...
  2. Menominee have a light brown tint to their backs and have a more slender/torpedo-shaped body than a whitefish. In that picture I posted the middle fish in each group of 3 is a whitefish and the 2 fish on the outside of each group are menominee.

  3. is menominee the same as cisco? if so the mouths are different, whitefish have a bottom feeder mouth whereas cisco have a normal fish mouth.
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    A cisco is a lake herring, nope diff critter - but dang tasty also.

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