Ice thickness

Discussion in '' started by shooter921, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. How thick does anyone think the ice will be this weekend? One monday and tuesday the ice was thining out because of all that snow that is acting like an insulator. I was wondering if it would be safe enough to head out even with the rising temps and all the snow on the ice?

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  2. Don`t know where you are talking aboutbut we fished Devils Lake in SE michiganon Sat. and there was a good foot of ice there .

  3. In montcalm county, greenville area. The ice is less than 6" thick.
  4. Shooter there is a ton of Ice you won't be going thru anytime soon.

  5. here in g.r. the ice was 6" yesterday. no worries. FISH ON!

  6. Bass lake was about 4" thick today. There are some dark spots that I went to check out and there little over 2".

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