ice report at selfridge launch

Discussion in 'Icefishing Lk. St. Clair' started by neversunk, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. I just got back from checking....and it does'nt look good. The bay is wide open. The canal at the launch is frozen, but its only about 1/2 thick of soft ice as far as my foot could reach out from where the concrete ramp meets the water. It would sure be nice to have ice by the weekend, but my humble opinion is that it does not look good. :mad: Glenn
  2. By the weekend???

    Heck, it's only been cold 2 nights!!!!

    Gotta wait for that next front to push through on thur or fri....

    Keep telling y'alll.....Feb 17..It'll happen!!!:lol: (hopefully sooner!!)

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