Ice fishing outing on Crystal Lake, Benzie Co.

Discussion in 'Michigan Sportsman Outing Forum' started by DANN09, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. After many hours of diccusion with MY asteamed friend Whit. We have come up with this recomendation for a ice outing.
    Crystal lake has just about anything You want to fish for ie. perch, white fish, smelt, lake trout.
    The date will be Sat. 2-23-08 We will start the day with Beakfast at the Crystal Cafe in Benzonia right next to the Backcast Fly shop witch as bait (minnows, wiggers, waxies, ie.) at say 8:00am that will put us on the lake by 9:00 or 9:30.

    There are many places access the Lake from as the date gets closer We will have the Hot spots nailed down.

    All are welcome

    They are running wheelers and snow machines on the lake as of now. with much cold weather to come.


    Bucktail Butch
    Mister Ed
    The Spirit of Toto

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  2. Sounds good! Ill be there

  3. Ah yes, the Crystal cafe. I know it well. Had breakfast with some old guy there one fall morning.:lol:

    Too bad its 5 hours from home or I would be there.
  4. And proud of it!.........:lol:
  5. I would like to be there, but they don't make enough warm clothes for me anymore:rolleyes: Of course, if I can get whit to buy the plane ticket, maybe.
  6. I plan to be there. I may have an extra friend or two with me.
  7. Butch,
    The Crystal Cafe, according to a sign on the door, will open tomorrow.

    George is going to do some scouting.......I'm tied up for the next three evenings......and give a report in here.
  8. I will be up there this weekend to give it a try, does anybody know if the west end has safe ice for snowmobiles?
    Thanks, David
  9. Can't wait to make it happen. See you at cafe.
  10. Will make no problem may have a few extra tag-alongs.

    Will have more info on tag alongs as the date get nearer.

  11. I would love to go and will pending on a situation,I work with a fellow member and he knows that i don,t have a license D.L. that is so I,am at the mercy of others unfournatley.But awesome individuals always seem to give a helping hand/ride.Hopefully UB will come thru for me if not,I live less than a mile from the boardman as i know their are other members that live in traverse so if UB don,t come thru I will pay for your gas and buy you breakfast,if your willing to pick me up and allow me to fish that would be great any members think about it please.Looking forward to it.Fish On My Fellows:fish:
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  12. hope to make it but may also have a tag along or two as i may have company this weekend is their much fishing there on foot as i dont have a quad or snowmobile
  13. So if I pick your duff up, you'll buy me my breakfast and gas??? :lol::lol::lol: yeah right!

    I'll probably go. Not positive yet. Looks like SpinFly will ride with me. Can you even get up that early???????:confused::lol:
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  14. That's the day after I get back from college to Traverse City for spring break and I absolutely would like to go and plan to be there for the outing! I'll also try to convince some of my buddies on this site to come with me as well. I would definately benefit from learning of some new spots on the lake to fish because I am only familiar with certain parts of the lake that I do well on. I do want to learn more about getting lakers and whitefish out of there.

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