Ice fishing in the morn.

Discussion in '' started by MrBluegill, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. I just got back form checking some of my first ice lakes, found one back on stateland neer gun lake that i was able to walk on it was crackn pretty bad but tonights temps should make it fishable by morning, hopeing for a soild 2", ill post pictures when i get in tom.;)

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  2. its tomorrow!!! you fall in?.... lets meet up and fish this year!!!... i should get out more now... i have weekends off!

  3. got out there and fished all morning got a bunch of little gills and bass, ice was about 2.5 inches, water was flooding the ice as we fished. fishable but not safe!
  4. There are always haters out there. I will believe what Mr. Bluegill has to say since he has a few more posts than you Fishbone. No offense of course.

    It looks like it will be a long season and I will be checking some of my early ice spots next weekend just to see how it is developing.
  5. I wouldn't doubt it at all. There are some small 1-2 acre ponds in grand rapids that is completely froze over and looks walkable but i weigh a little bit more then you do mr. bluegill so i'm gonna wait awhile and got things ready, hopefully be out on the channels soon!;)
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  6. I believe him, he is usually the first of us crazy ice fisherman that ventures out early. I think he was the first last season to post
  7. Way to go! I believe every word of the post! He is always the first guy to pull a fish threw the ice every year.
  8. i totally trust him just look at his posts with pics from last year.. you crazy not to and plust i got out to day on a small bay on lake st.clair heres some pics

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    Obviously you are a new member, because MrBluegill is the first out every year. Granted he may be a little nutty to most, but down here in Cass County I am the first as well. I have been out on 2" or less on several occasions without going in. The only time I have went in was on honeycombed ice late in the season or when I was being stupid drunk and jumping on the ice near open water. LOL!!! Now that was stupid! I just pulled myself out and poured my boots out and fished til dark. Man I can't wait til we get near 2" down here so I can get out.
  10. I got out yesterday morning too! Sliver Lk. channel near Kinderhook. There was 2 1/2" of good hard ice, I spuded 6 holes and i got zero bites. It was still way cool to get on this early, I have never be on the ice this early before.
  11. He doesn't sound like hes got anything extra downstairs. More like lacking something upstairs.:rolleyes:
  12. First off fishbone my son and myself fish with nick all winter and ive seen him on less than 2.5 inches. And he's a good guy that has no reason to lie and a hell of a good angler. id bet money that he could out fish you on gun lake 2 to 1 and further more does it make you feel special to call someone out on something that has no effect on you either way.:(
  14. You can believe Mrbluegill. he does get out on first ice every year. Heck a wet pillow weighs more than he does :) that sure helps when trying out first ice. I'm pretty sure I know where he went and I can believe theirs 2" of ice.
    I've fished 1.5" of clear ice before but will never do that again. just not worth the risk (and I'm 215#). That was like literally like walking on clear glass, cool but very scary..

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