Ice anchors

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by chuckb, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Pro's and con's to ice anchors for shelters. What brand would recommend?

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  2. I just bought an hub style shanty last year and also had the same concerns. The screw in type work great-very quick and easy to install. I wouldnt waste your time with a drill or other "gadgets".

  3. I've used the anchors from eskimo and from clam. Both get the job done but the eskimo anchors are more heavy duty.
    If you want to get them in really fast just predrill the holes with a cordless drill and they go right in seconds. Even without the drill it is easy, sometimes it just takes a bit of persuasion to get them started.
  4. I was ice fishing the other day and seen a guy with a hub style shanty and he had some ice anchors called the ICE-BONE. I had never heard or seen them before so I asked him a little info about them. He informed me that he has the patent on and makes them himself. Instead of a screw in type or the ice angel, these were actually very quick to install and extremely slick. All he did was auger an extra hole near his shanty and dropped the ICE-BONE in and he was done. Literally took him 2 seconds. I then asked him about removal and he removed it just as quickly without putting his hand in the water. AMAZING! I'm sold on them, I'm done with the screw in anchors! All I can say is this man knows what he is doing and you will be seeing these on the shelf at your local bait shop in no time.
  5. Thanks Frank,
    saved me the time of making yet another post about it. :D

  6. I have a frabil hub style pop up 6x6. Ended up getting a 6x6 1/4 inch pc of rubber (easy to roll up) cut slot for fishing holes, installed 4- 2"x 1/2" inch bolts w/washers and nut in corners of rubber. drilled holes in all 4 bolts to accommodate cotter pins. anchor points on shanty slip over bolts and cotter pins installed. now you will have a good anchor in addition a nice floor and also shanty will heat alot better. I love it ;)
  7. Any time you go though the ice and hit water, you have to deal with it freezing your anchor in. I used to just tie a rope to a piece of hockey stick and push that under the ice. I like the dry hole system.

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