I need a QUIET pellet gun

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by HunterHawk, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. i heard the whisper by gamo is a really quiet pellet gun? anyone have on or know of any other quiet pellet gun?

    i have one of the gamo pellet guns.. i think it was like the 440 or 220 or something like that... but like i said i want one that is even more quiet...

    accurate and powerful is nice!

    anyone ever use a laser for target practice or anything? i was thinking of getting some type of laser too!..

    thanks for the help!


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  2. Take it FWIW..........

  3. He is in Colorado.

    I have heard good things about the whisper also.
  4. Look into the pcp type air rifles. They are quit and you get muiltple shots instead of breaking the barrel everytime and also no recoil so they are the most accurate. Also Quieter that any other pellet gun too.

    Check out the guns on this page and find what ever is right for you. Look at the air arms and evianix
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  5. whispers are extremely quite and accurate when sighted in i had one for a whole month now im going to return it and i call state police they said that its illegal because its got rifleing not a smooth bore

  6. What???? :confused: Are you saying that an air RIFLE is illegal because the barrel is RIFLED, hence its name air RIFLE?

  7. Nope- it illegal because of the internal silencer. See Sully's post #2 in this thread.
  8. It is BS we cannot own SBR's and Silencers here.:rant:
  9. malainse

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    "Michigan gun shops should not have them in stock, nor be selling them in this state.
    Please help to advise gun shops in your area of this prohibition."

    You would think that gun dealers would/should know the law ??? :dizzy:

    I have been told the Gamo Whisper is nice and quiet for taking out critters....;)
  10. The gamo whisper is a good gun. it shoots good and is quiet. it will take some time to break it in for it to be quiet thought. if u do but it i would recommend a after market trigger and scope. gamo has the wost trigger and they dont have very good scopes. if the gamo whisper is illgeal, then there should be around 1000 stores shut down, and a whole crap load of people fined haha. if nothing has happened to anyone or any of the stores that carry them, then they must not be that illegal ;)
  11. wow thanks for the info! and im glad i am in colorado.... and they are usually bunny huggers here... thats crazy!

    i just wanted a gun to take out some prarie dogs for a challenge and i figured the quieter the better so i can get more! haha

    thanks for the info
  12. I was also looking online and found out there is a gas system or some type of air pump upgrade on this.... anyone have on on their pellet gun or know anyone who does? said its supposed to increase velosity and actually make it even quieter? saw it on youtube when i typed in whisper pellet gun.....

    i always like making things more sporting and pellet guns are a blast.....

    any help is appreciated!
  13. Does the ATF list the Whisper as having a silencer. If so, then MSP should been busting the shops that were selling it. Sounds like that only way it will be settled is if the common person is prosecuted, then it will go thru the entire court system and 10 year later we will know.
  14. holy heck i think i may get this gun and modify it a bit!!!


    you think ill be good with .177?.... they are faster than .22 and i like that... im a pretty dang good shot so i shouldnt need the knock down power of a .22 i would think... as long as i can put it where it counts!

    i love the fact that we are talking about pellet guns... i feel like a kid again...
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