i have a bear black panther recurve

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  1. does anyone know about how old this bow is? any help would be appreciated.
  2. Anything 70's or before was made in Grayling which should be in the silk screen.

    Serial numbers starting with K were made in the 70's and serial numbers starting with 5-9 were made from 1965-1969 respectively (that may also be true for 4: 1964, can't remember off hand). Before that I don't think the serial numbers can be used exlusively for dating.

    That's the Bear 101 (and about all I know). In fact I don't really know anything specific about the Black Panther model. If you go on Ebay, they were all made in 1953. That's the patent date and doesn't mean a thing except higher bids.

  3. If it has a raised coin it was amde after 1972-if it is a Grayling bow it was made prior to Bear archery moving--last Graayling bows were 1978-I have a couple laying arud here some place---LOL!
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    I'm no expert, but I think the Black Panther (56" amo length), and Black Panther Hunter (52" amo length) were both made only for the K-mart retail chain by Bear Archery.

    They are both fine shooters!

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