Hunting vs fishing

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  1. Although I love hunting, not nearly as much as fishing but I do have a place in the woods I believe... but after sixw weeks of bad luck through bow season and more bad luck on opening day rifle altogether with the fact that I bought a new otter lodge shanty I can honestly say bring on the ice

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  2. I use to hunt a lot till a decline from bovine tb any ways i quit hunting just displeased with hunting for the amount i paid on gear etc.. I would rather fish much better management to the fishing than ever before as of lately. it seem like a huge decline to animals from either amount of hunter or poachers up north.

    Now down south by saline they got good hunting problem is finding land. As you can see the displeased with the m-dnr and management of deer pops bovine tb is real can’t blame them on the need to dispose of the deer but at this point i would rather fish cannot wait for first ice either.

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  3. Same here, every time a hunting trip seems to start coming together I don't go and make fishing plans instead. THave not hunted at all in 2011. there are fish to be caught, good fish, year round.
  4. I don't see any problem with hunting the morning, fishing the day, hunting the evening, and back out for some night fishing.
  5. Bag your limit and hit the water|ice.
  6. Sounds like a good day right there...
  7. Actually funny you say that, my hunting property is a 5 to 10 minute drive from the rifle river one day last year during rifle I brought home a steelhead and a doe!

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    I'm with ya this was my worst season ever I just want to start drilling.g some holes and chasing some flags

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  9. Whenever I hunt in the UP which is seldom anymore as there are way too many wolves. I always deadstick a hole and sit there with my rifle watching for an endangered species...that would be a UP whitetail deer. I always head south to West Branch for my deer then come back and fish.
  10. I don't know, I guess I have issues. Please tell me there is someone else out there who would rather fish all day than hunt and fish in a day.
  11. That's the case for me about 359 days a year id rather fish all day than hunt but I do have the itch for hunting right after salmon season!

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  12. Yes, there is someone else who would rather fish than hunt. As a matter a fact, back when I lived on the west side of the state I would hit the Muskegon river opening day of deer season and steelhead fish. One year I talked about brining my rifle with me just in case I saw a deer and decided against buying a hunting liscense for just that day. Well wouldn't ya know it, I herd a noise along the bank then splash. Here is a young 4 point swimming downstream of my boat about 40 yards. Man when that deer came to shore of the other bank, it would have been an easy shot. As it was I had steelhead for dinner instead.
  13. Bowhunting is #1 for me especially in the U.P. But ice fishing is a close second. Gotta a brand new 2 man otter and a x67c. I'm ready to hit the ice.

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  14. Ice fishing> waterfowling> deer hunting. That's the order of my priorities. Forget bow hunting... I lost interest in that after someone took me duck hunting and I realized there's more fun to be had in october on ponds and marshes than in the woods.

  15. 2nd that!

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