Hunting Swamps and Wetlands?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by LuckyRookie, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if anyone on here makes the effort to go back deep into any wetlands/swamps to do stand hunting? I have always hunted fields and forests but have stayed clear of the wet areas for the most part. I am considering trucking it into the swamps on our property for the first time this year with my climber in hopes of surprising a hiding deer or two. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for someone who is new to hunting swamps. Also, I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on whether this is a good tactic or not. Thanks in advance.

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  2. You are likely to find deer in there. A lot of wet areas are very densely vegetated which is what deer seek, especially under pressure. Couple that with the fact that most people stay out of the swamps if they can shoot a deer in a more convenient place and you have a jackpot. You hear of a lot of big bucks coming out of low wet areas. In the winter these act as yards because of the veg they hold. A good move in general.

  3. Deer love to hold up in that thick stuff, Id give it a try for sure.

    During gun season we have a spot in a really thick cedar swamp. We cut a 6ft wide lane through the middle of it and put a blind in the center of it. Its a great spot but you have to be on your toes. Its so thick you can not see them until they enter the lane and with it being wet they make no noise walking through.
  4. Won't help this year but be sure to get in there in the dead of winter when access is easier. Lack of foliage makes it easier to see and frozen ground easier to walk - but still be careful cuz you can still get soaked. State land swamps can be great, especially on Nov 15 when high ground hunters drive the deer into swamp. Be careful of poison sumac. That's what drove me out. It got so bad it just wasn't worth it. Good luck.

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  5. Here is an excellent instructional video in regards to hunting swamps:
  6. I hunt in a swale and its GREAT I could not believe the noise deer make when slogging through that stuff. All you need is the right boots. This year I will be using some Mucks.
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  7. i love that! hear them coming from a mile away! lol i hunt public land but i trek way back into the swamp were the lazy hunters wont go. its sucks sometimes just getting back there but its all worth it when the deer start moving through there.
  8. I hunt a swamp on our family property and each year I always produce with a nice 2.5-3.5 yo buck, while everyone else either goes bust or only see young ones. Swamps don't offer that long range shots or the ability to see deer coming for miles, but the action just cannot be beat.

    I offer 2 pieces of advice
    1- get good boots. I bought a pair of Muck boots 6 years ago and it was the best $150 I have spent on hunting gear---ever
    2- With a climber you are going to limit yourself. Some of the best stand locations I have would not be possible with a climber. If the spot looks good, perhaps next year you throw up a couple cheap hangons.
  9. I have a shed in a thick cedar swamp that is a travel corridor leading to the river bottom at the back of the property. Don't bow hunt, I just get a kick out of the setting, seems like "old fashioned" deer hunting. Making little lanes and what I consider peek holes through the stuff keeps me alert to any movement, maybe just legs or an ear. I might get a shot out of any side, have 2 primary directions, but have taken deer out of the other directions as well. Binocs help a lot, even though it is close range, and mid-day movement is not unusual at all. Have taken decent bucks here (Menominee Co), no real trophy, although I have seen 3 different big boys in the last 9 yrs, just no shot.
  10. Well you said it yourself, you always avoided those area. There is your first tip, almost everyone else does as well,and the deer know it! Alot of people hate phragmite, but it grows some monster bucks. Its the perfect cover and people generally avoid it because they dont want to wrestle through it, and the limited shooting opertunitys it offers.

    I would invest in a good pair of hip boots if not a nice pair of breathable wadders,and be prepared to see deer!
  11. Sit all day!!!!

    Get in there early and plan on mid-day movement.

    These types of locations offer deer the ability to "relax" (if that is possible for a whitetail) and not be costantly on edge like they are when in open fields and woodlots.

    I have a huge swamp area near one of my stand sites, on public land, and there are ALOT of trails that deer use to enter/exit this area. I will be in there very soon.

    I have killed deer in the nearby stand and most of them head in that direction after being shot.

    Try to get an idea of where deer are entering your swamp area, so you can choose a stand location that allows you to intercept them on the way to their hideouts.

    Good Luck......ENJOY!!!!!!

  12. Ive been hunting the swamp for several years on the property I hunt. Its great hunting most of the time. Some variables like crops can change that year to year but generally speaking, its good hunting. When I first started hunting out there I hunted the edge. That was fine during the early seasons but I began to notice that when the pressure was on, I saw more deer out there. So I began to venture out there. Its not a big swamp but it is enough for the deer. One year I killed an 8 pointer at 7:30 am and 45 minutes later got another smaller buck.

    Another key lesson learned that I havent seen posted yet: use an old kids sled to get the deer out if you shoot one out there. Put the deer on the sled and lash it to it and start walking. Its easier to get over water, mud, logs, grass...pretty much everything. Enjoy
  13. We have a swamp on our property and it always produces nice deer. We try to hunt low impact though and there is no good way to get in there, so it doesn't get hunted as much as it should, especially since it is about 20 acres of our 120. I don't know what your swamp looks like but ours is pretty open in the middle with thick stuff on the outskirts. The majority of the deer are seen skirting the edge of the swamp.
  14. which mucks did you get? I am stuck between the arctic pro the arctic sport and the wetland. I want to stay warm, but not have them be too warm if it's in the 50's. my feet are not too susceptible to cold.
  15. Alright guys, another question then. I am hunting the edge of a real thick swamp that butts up to a clearcut. Low deer number area of the U.P. I have a couple small bucks, one nice 8, and a few does on camera. The pictures all the deer are coming out of the swamp. I have a stand on the edge, haven't seen much. I know I went in there a little bit when scouting and I saw quite a few trails but it's so thick you can't see to shoot more than ten yards a lot of times. How do I get in there to hunt it? Just put on the my rubber boots and just try to quietly sneak in on some trails and set up on some trails or something? Might be kind of a dumb question, but I know deer are in there, but its big and I am not sure how to find them or how to hunt it.

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