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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ant1901, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. This question came up yesterday ...... In Michigan can you hunt deer if you are a felon? Not that I am but we were debating it lastnight

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  2. You cant have/own/use a firearm if your a felon in Mi...... so I would say no to the hunting firearm, I dont know about a bow though.

  3. I think that is correct. Bow only.
  4. Once a person is convicted of a felony can he ever again legally hunt and/or own a hunting firearm or bow in Michigan?[​IMG] Answer Yes, it is possible for a person to have their rights restored. This is a rather complex law. To determine whether a person would or would not come under the purview of this law, they would need to make an appointment with their local county prosecutor's office and bring all of their felony paperwork so a determination could be made about whether they can possess a firearm and what measures may or may not be required to have their privileges reinstated.

    Bows are not firearms and do not fall under the firearm prohibition.

    Guess I shoulda looked at the DNR website first....thanks guy
  5. Depending on the felony charge, Some felony state that you cannot posses anything that can be used as a weapon, i.e. gun, bow & arrow, pockets knifes.
  6. My brother is in this category. According to what he says he was told he could use a bow and muzzleloader, both considered to be primative weapons. He's a bonehead though so I would check that before doing it.
  7. LOL!!! You gotta love those boneheaded brothers.:dizzy:


  8. :lol::lol::lol::yeahthat:
  9. I have read posted information on this forum about federal laws regarding muzzleloaders not being considered firearms, but Michigan law makes no distinction between conventional firearms and a muzzleloading firearm, therefore a muzzleloader is considered a firearm and not legal to posses if you are felon. I would still check with your county Prosecutor to be sure.
  10. wait muzzel loader being consider a firearm in michigan? oka i could understand that, but when you go and buy one that is a straight out muzzel loader and can not be converted to shoot anything but powder you do not have to go threw the firearm purchase paper work. just grab it off the shelf and purchase it. so that would tell me michigan does not consider this weapon to be a firearm. i would like to bet boehr feel on this subject. i have found out threw searches a felon can hunt with a crossbow during the rifle season
  11. First of all anyone who has ever watched 'The Dukes of Hazzard' knows that Bo and Luke had to use compounds since their moonshining convictions cost them the right to own a gun. [Apparently though dynamite was still OK.] :D

    Second of all not all muzzleloaders are 'non-guns.' I had to fill out BATF papers for my Encore, of course that can take centerfire bbls so it may be a special case. I do think though that BATF considers 209 primed guns different than cap or flintlock - better check carefully on that issue.

  12. and luke....lmao...way to on the floor ....lmao
  13. I had to fill out BATF papers on my .22 cal pellet gun. Also considered a firearm in Mi.
  14. if a muzzy loader falls under the gun catagory,then why can u walk into wally world or gander and buy one with a loaf of bread,like it was nothing? or im i wrong? cause thats how i bought mine...:evilsmile
  15. Let's get this thread back "on topic" which is "Can a felon hunt deer in MI?"

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