Hunting Heritage Bill Passes Senate

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by kdogger, May 4, 2011.

  1. Sounds good to me! Though really it just sounds like they repealed something put forth idiotically in the first place. What kind've hair-brained laws were in place that disallowed teaching your children how to put food on the table? :sad:

  2. HEY,that makes my day!!!!!Lets hope it gets passed A.S.A.P and put into place for the up-coming season!!!!!
  3. It seems like this bill still doesn't remove all of the restrictions.
    I'd love to take my 10 year old grandson out deer hunting this year during firearm season. However even if this bill passes I still won't be able to, because the bill only removes the firearm restrictions for kids under 14 for private land:(

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