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  1. Michigan teen dies in apparent hunting accident
    St. Clair County sheriff says Devon Derouin was accidentally shot by hunter Thursday evening

    BROCKWAY TOWNSHIP, Mich. - A 17-year-old Brockway Township teen was shot and killed Thursday in what appears to be a hunting accident.

    St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said Devon Derouin was scouting for deer on property in the 12000 block of Wilkes Road at about 7:30 p.m.

    At the same time, three hunters had been given permission to hunt coyote on the same parcel of land. One of the hunters, a 24-year-old man from Port Huron Township, saw movement in brush at the base of a tree. Believing it was an animal, he fired one shot from a distance of about 150 yards.

    Detectives from the SheriffÂ’s Office were called to the scene of the incident, which remains under investigation. All parties involved have been cooperative in the investigation of the incident. Yale and Capac Police Departments, Brockway Fire and Rescue and Tri-Hospital EMS assisted at the scene.

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  2. What a terrible tragedy.

    Know your target and what is beyond it.

    Three guys walking around hunting coyotes? sounds fishy. Coyotes aren't squirrels, you don't just go walk around and look for them.
  3. Both are terrible stories! My thoughts go out to both families! How easily basic hunting knowledge is forgotten!

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  4. I was just having this conversation with my 10 year old son - you don't go shooting at "movement" no matter how bad you want to shoot that trophy buck, etc. You identify your target first. Crazy that people get killed each year with this type of accident.
  5. I would not consider this an accident, it is negligence on the part of the shooter. If a person cannot restrain their trigger long enough to identify the difference between a person and a coyote or a deer, they are an idiot.

  6. Agreed 100%

    This is the same thought process I was having while reading that story.
  7. Neal

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    Took the words out of my mouth, Ed
  8. Negligent homicide

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  9. you sir, have this exactly correct.
  10. I agree as well...........should be prosecuted.
  11. No excuse for this sort of thing to happen. Too many stories of this exact thing over the years.
    I have always taught my daughter, who hunts with me, you never even take the safety off or even point a gun at anything that you are unsure of and cannot positively identify.
    Another thing that makes me mad is when someone says they "took a shot at a deer" and when you ask them if it was a buck or doe they can't tell you!?! Then I ask them if you couldnt tell if it was a buck or doe how do you know it wasnt a guy wearing a tan suede jacket?Another thing I teach my daughter, if you cannot tell if its a buck or shooting.
    Sad story and my heart goes out to the grieving family.

  12. :yeahthat:

    Need to identify what you are shooting at.
  13. This is in my "neck of the woods" and I know the family of the victim. I'm going to wait for more information before I say much but with the youth season right around the corner 2 thoughts enter my mind... #1 it does sound a bit fishy in that maybe someone wanted a jump on the season ( I don't know many coyote hunters out there right now hunting in that way)...#2 lets all try to be very careful and teach the kids the right and wrong way to do things and be safe during the youth season.
  14. no kidding!

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