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Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by rvogel44, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I am looking to buy 30 acres of 100% wooded hunting land in the rifle zone of upper-lower michigan. My question: how many hunters can safely hunt 30 acres? I have 10 acres in lower michigan I bow hunt with one other, so with that math can I hunt 6 on 30? Sounds like a lot. Is there a rule-of-thumb, 1 hunt per ? acres.

    Wondering what others say. Thanx Robert..

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  2. All depends on the layout, terrain and what you are "comfortable" with.

    6 would be far too many, IMHO.

    We used to lease a 20 and my brother and I could see each other from our stand and did not like that, so we dropped it and went looking for more land.

    We currently hunt 4 on 160 acres and I would not want any more guys.

  3. That is too many people on 30 acres.

    danger danger
  4. We have 8 on 80 acres (my dad, 2 uncles, an aunt, cousin, me, and FOR SOME reason 2 others who arent' family members) which is a major reason why I'm hunting at my father in laws this year. I think you can fit more guys on a property if you all hunt from an elevated stand (we all were), but man, it got too crowded for my taste.

    6 guys on 80 would be fine, but 6 on 30 is REALLY crowded.
  5. it would totaly depend on the lay of the land. if everyone is using good judgement. sure of their shooting lane. sure of each others position. shooting into good backstop. any given number could hunt there. also what is the pattern for deer movement? i would scout the land . place stands at proper locations according to deer movement. that will clearly define how many can safely hunt in the area.
    my best friend and i hunt within sight of each other. he hunts a ridge, while i cover the flats below him. we know where we are, and where we can safely shoot. and we trust each other with our lives. another little tip us old guys know. we only hunt about 75 to 150 yards from our truck. we get out there before anyone else. sometimes the later group pushes deer to us. othertimes the deer circle around the late commers as they drive deeper into the bush and come right back to us.
    experiance,,, and sneakiness will beat youthfull exhuberance every time. lol
  6. We do 6 on 80 and is spread good but can cover the whole property
  7. 30 acres...I would say no more than 10, but I am no expert
  8. ya 10 but make sure you update your homeowners insurance really really gud before opening day
  9. 30 acres; one or two at most. Otherwise you can not hunt it decently. On our 40, two at most and usually only one.
  10. we used to hunt 3 on 10 acres, but the set up was fine for that. nice deer taken off that ten every year. We now hunt 3 on aprox 30acres and still no problem. We all know where each other is at all times. but we mainly bow hunt with a couple of days in the woods during gun just for funnsies, LOL.

    All depends on the lay out of the land, what the deer use it for, and how comfortable u are with the abilities of the others u hunt with to keep their slugs outta ur tree!

  11. depends on lay of the land and what you/they will be hunting with. We gun hunt 80 acres in the up and with 5-6 people i feel it is slightly crowded. but we have been hunting this way for years and have had no problem. for bow, my cousin and i hunt just over 20 acres in st. johns (clinton county) anymore than that and it is to many, but the way the area is se t up and the direction the deer come, there is only enough room for 2 stands MAYBE 3 but the 2 stand locations we are set up in are the best spots.
  12. I say as a rule of thumb, 20 acres per person. Yeah there may be places to sit others but why crowd the place out. My cousins hunt 6 guys on a 40 and any deer that enters their property has to run a gauntlet just to make it to the other side. If you are a deer, and everywhere you look there's orange, it does not take too long to figure out that you should avoid that place. Also, too many guys and there is no way to control your scent patterns.
  13. We hunt 6 on 200. I am happy with that. anymore and your crowding me:)
  14. I own 20 and only allow two hunters.
  15. I hunt 30 acres and we only allow 3 at a time out there during rifle and bow. My father in law owns 80 and we have 6 blinds out there so if your the 7th guy there your either sitting with someone or you go home back to bed!

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