Hunter harrassment charges in Rosscommon

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  1. "Government employees" per se? No. Government law enforcement officers? Yes, as it should be.

    Conservation officer is the most difficult law enforcement gig out there.

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  2. Does anyone know wich hunt club it was?

  3. update::Modified_ there are several people who are in this club with charges against them on this issue and many others. stay tuned, i hope they hook their low life asses up to the bars of their cells:banghead3 for 30 years to set an example of what will not be tolerated here in michigan.
  4. No, I don't think that a government employees life is more important. I'm not sure of the law. I do know that any crime done to a government employee, while performing thier job, seems to be punished more harshly. I think that the prosecutor should go after these people with guns a blazin'

  5. Thing being is that this guy was a dick to officers while they were posing as hunters. He wasn't a dick to them because they were officers or investigators so they can't stick any charges relating to harrassing, threatening, assaulting(verbally) an officer. To be charged with anything relating to such the defendant would specificly have to target an officer while obviously uniformed OR intentionally target the officer because they are an officer. So pretty much when it comes down to it to be charged with "assaulting a peace officer" or the like the assaulter needs to be aware that the assaulted is in fact a peace officer in some way shape or form.

    one can't be charged with assaulting a police officer if they get into it with a guy in the woods who happens to be a LEO and the fact isn't "brought up" but obviously you walk up and sock a CO, that charge is gonna be thrown at you.

    Regardless of the grey areas in the law, these dicks need to be put in check, theyre the types that make it hard for everyone and are the types to scare away young, new or people on the brink of quitting the sport for whatever reason.

    i know noone is gonna chase me away from the sport, but id sure be upset had i ran into someone saying i can't hunt a section of stateland... also possibly would've ended differently for the defendant had he confronted me with a weapon threatening me.
  6. The prosecutor up here always backs the officer. For them to charge him with assualting an officer it had to happen after they identified themselves. My guess is cameras were probably rolling and the guy don't have a leg to stand on. We had a guy down the street that got busted for poaching and pretty much got away with a hand slap I confronted the CO on it and he said quote " we have two ways of looking at things greed and need " he was down on his luck pretty bad at the time. Not saying its right but he had no problem letting people know how he felt. I'm guessing these guys aren't needy.
  7. a half A(*ed attorney will get them 90 days probation, back dated to the date of incident, maybe a smal fine and loss of license for two years,,
  8. There is so many things to say to this but after reading every ones response I'm on the same page with every one......:( The real disappointing part is they have private land and want more, this is the type of club to be proud to take anything that moves on their property..... they need to rename it THE KILLING ZONE!:eek:
  9. Linwood man charged with threatening undercover DNR officers near private hunt club in Roscommon County

    By LaNia Coleman | The Bay City Times

    November 23, 2009, 3:29PM

    State authorities have charged a Linwood man with assault and hunter harassment after an undercover investigation into complaints about a private hunt club in Roscommon County.
    Department of Natural Resources officers have not released the name of the 48-year-old, a member of the 7 Mag Hill club, who allegedly threatened two plain-clothes detectives from the agency’s Special Investigations Unit.
    The DNR had, for years, fielded complaints about club members threatening hunters on state land adjacent to the club’s property, said Mary Dettloff, a DNR spokeswoman.
    The detectives, who were posing as hunters when they encountered the suspect on a two-track on state land, claim the suspect threatened to kill them “for being in what he considered his land,” Dettloff said.
    The detectives called in conservation officers who not only arrested the man but cited him for failing to wear hunter orange during firearm deer season, improper tree stand and use of screws in tree steps on state land.
    Conservation officers also cited other club members for improper tree stands and other state land violations.
    Hunters who wish to report hunter harassment or other wildlife violations should contact the DNR’s Report All Poaching office at (800) 292-7800.
    The suspect is to face arraignment Monday, Nov. 30, in Roscommon County District Court.
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  10. Harassment and Assault Charges Filed Against Hunter Who Threatened Undercover DNR Conservation Officers Contact: [SIZE=-1]Mary Dettloff 517-335-3014[/SIZE]
    Agency: [SIZE=-1]Natural Resources[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=-1]Nov. 23, 2009
    A 48-year-old Linwood man will be arraigned on assault and hunter harassment charges on Nov. 30 before Judge Daniel Sutton in the 83rd District Court in Roscommon County stemming from a threatening incident with two plainclothes detectives from the Department of Natural Resources' Special Investigations Unit on state-owned land.
    The arrest culminates an investigation that was spurred by years of complaints from the public about the 7 Mag Hill hunting club in Roscommon County for threatening hunters who were hunting on state land adjacent to the club's property. The threats were preventing others from using the state-owned land. The two undercover detectives posed as hunters, walking along a two-track trail on the state land. They were then confronted by the club member arrested in the investigation, who allegedly threatened to kill them for being in what he considered his land. The detectives left the area and contacted uniformed DNR conservation officers, who arrested the individual. Several other members of the 7 Mag Hill club were cited for improper tree stands and other state land violations. The club member arrested also was charged with failing to wear hunter orange during firearm deer season, one count of an improper tree stand and use of screws in tree steps on state land. The DNR reminds all hunters that state lands are open for all who wish to utilize the resource. Members of the public wishing to report hunter harassment or other wildlife violations should contact the DNR's Report All Poaching Line at 800-292-7800.
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  11. Never been hassled by club members but I know they use to "expand " their property lines by stringing wire on stateland or posting on m30 between gladwin and westbranch.
  12. ditto
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  13. They need to be dealt with.
  14. Any info on what the outcome of this was?

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