Hummingbirds in Michigan?

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  1. Earlier this week, when I was chating with my neighbor, I was about a foot away from one of my hanging flowers. Suddendly a hummingbird flew right up to the flowers, stood still in the air right in front of me for some seconds. I am positive it was hummingbird. Size, flying noise, long beak, standing still in the air and it was very close.

    Are hummingbirds native to Michigan?

    I am asking because I live less than a mile away from the Detroit zoo. It could have been an escaped bird.

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  2. I saw one just the other day at a nature preserve in southfield. Pretty cool.
  3. Thank you for the response and for the link. Interesting. Especially that there are actually recommendations for flower to attract hummingbirds. My geranium definitely did not impress the hummingbird visiting my backyard :).
  4. Ruby throat only for the most part.

    One part Sugar to 4 parts water. No coloring!:) We have a flock of them around our house. (The Males are really territorial! The little devils! They even run their lady friends away from the feeders!:eek:)

    One good flower to plant to attract them is Coral Bells. The flowers are so small and delicate that a Honey bee can't light on them but a Hummer can hover and sip the sugary goodness.

  5. Lots of Humming birds up north here , they are very currious birds will often just hang in the air and stare at you.

    If you have more than one feeder , put them far apart they are
    territorial and they like to fight.
  6. Just for the record, we see many hummingbirds here in da central UP also. They come to the feeders we hang, many of our flowers, and will hover to check out anything red including your Red Wings hat!

    Sitting here now enjoying my morning coffee watching one at our feeder even though it's barely 50 degrees this morning

    One of the aspects of summer we always look forward to...
  7. Yeah, I was trout fishing one time on the PM standing in a bush with a Mepps hat on. All of a sudden it sounded like a helicopter was in my ear! I about fell in, it was a humming bird...
  8. I love watching the humminbirds at the feeder, they are pretty neat.
  9. I have a string of outdoor christmas lights around the
    edge of the porch on my cabin at our camp. I had put
    red and green 12 gauge shotgun shells over the lights and for the past week or two I've had hummingbirds show up several times a day, fly up and hover in front of the red shotgun shells for 5 seconds or so, then fly off. :lol:
  10. I have seen several. They are beautiful. I am always looking for new ways to attract them. Thanks for the tips.
  11. We have many that come to our feeders at Ludington.We had one female build a nest right above our deck on a thin Maple tree branch. It was great fun watching the hen feed her chick. Hummers are very territorial, they chatter and fight with each other over a food source.

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