How we doing today folks ? Ice storm !!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Spanky, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. This is the fourth day without power at my house and its going to be a long time before it gets restored. Things are normal for the most part once we got used to the rhythm of feeding the generator. Mine seems to run about 18 hours on 6 gallons of gas.

    I've been really busy hooking up generators for people who bought them after the power went out. For the most part I've only been able to get their furnace and sump pumps running because they didn't buy the cord and plug needed to do a back-feed so they could run their whole house.

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  2. Parents live at 69 and Lk. Pleasant, still no power. Got heat from the wood stove in the basement and a small generator for a little power. Kinda like camping in your house.

  3. Well.... finally got power at my brothers around 3pm yesterday. Took the generator over to my girlfriends in Mason. Went by 3 different crews out and about working on the lines. Got rerouted once with a road closed sign as I take the back roads (shorter). She is going on 4+ days. She was thankful for the generator and told me I gave her the gift of HEAT for Christmas!! Good luck to all those who are not back on the power grid yet!! Don't forget to check into that power outage credit.
  4. Finally have power! Thank you consumers for all your hard work! Merry Christmas
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    we got our power back on Christmas eve just before dark. We are lucky that our generator does indeed take care of all our electrical needs at this time. I feel sorry for the folks who will have flooding and split pipes to deal with now.

    Tomorrow, I am planning on staying proactive by changing the oil on my once new generator that (thanks to mother nature) now has over 200 hrs on it. All accumulated in 3 separate events.I just have a bad feeling about this winter.

    Merry Christmas folks.
  6. I'm glad you and yours were able to enjoy Christmas Eve and Day in relative comfort at least!!! Ive "enjoyed" 13 inches of snow these past 5 days. I can fix the snow problem, but ice is just a beyotch that you just have to suffer thru. I'll take the foot of snow over ice anytime!!!
  7. Just got power back south of Dryden. Thanks to the DTE linemen that busted their butts the past 3 days in some pretty cold weather. I hope you guys buy yourselves and families some really nice gifts with all that Holiday OT money, you deserve it.
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  8. our power came back on during christmas dinner yesterday around 4pm. took a bunch of food out to give to the hard working linemen but couldnt find any. hopefully those guys made it home to spend some time with family on christmas.
  9. As a DTE lineman i want to say it's nice to hear from people who appreciate the hours we spend at work and away from or families especially over the holidays. We just wish everyone was as thankful. Thanks for the kind words.

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  10. We just got power back at about 8:00 tonight, with what the trees & lines still look like I`m surprised it`s on yet. Again "Thank You DTE":bowdown: they descended on our area this morning, I counted 17 trucks, guys walking the road cutting branches and clearing what they could reach. Good luck to those just north of us, it looks worse as you head up 24.
  11. You fellas have your hands full with this mess. Working around the clock through the holidays and in these cold temps. I've never seen such large convoys of DTE service trucks. Thank you for getting it done.
  12. Mother and dad still no power in Lapeer county. They said maybe saturday.
  13. Same for my mother-inlaw, lapeer county. They said her power should be restored on the 28th.
  14. One of the repair guys I talked to yesterday I think he said he was from Indiana said they were told to expect to be here till New Years, Jan. 1st.
  15. We got ours back Christmas eve at about 7 pm, Mike. I called over to your place the other day to check on ya, I think your daughter answered, could barely hear her. Glad all is well.

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