How to rewarm previously fried fish??

Discussion in 'Cooking and Brewing' started by TheMAIT, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. HEY HEY--
    I fried up some fish the other night in some drakes batter and had some of the fish left over. Anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to reheat this previously fried fish...thanks...hurry...i'm hungry:chillin:

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  2. Nuke it! ;)

    No it won't be as good as it was when it was fresh out of the fryer. But it'll still be good.


  3. ESOX

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    If its breaded and fried don't nuke it, the breading will turn to mush. Stick it in a HOT oven for just a minute or two, depending upon the size of the pieces, them let it sit for another minute or two to let the heat from the crust work it's way into the meat.
  4. We tend to cook up more than enough for the two of us to eat at one meal. The leftover pieces end up in the lunch box over the next couple of days. Great finger food and sometimes the other guys on the crew are a bit jealous while they eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    IOW, warm it up to close to room temp and use it as a finger food snack.
  5. :yeahthat:

    That's the ticket. And Hot means HOT ... 400-450*
  6. Fried fish and shrimp left over for lunch the next day hardly makes it there. Grab a piece or 2 throughout the night and by morning should be all gone. MMMM
  7. A counter-top toaster oven does an excellent job, turn it on to a med. to med.-high setting and put them in on the tray. Use salad or bbq tongs to turn them, you can get them really crispy if you use your broiler in your oven too, some toaster ovens have a top heating element as well.
  8. Howdy-

    By now I trust you've already eaten it....:rolleyes:

    Next time, it's either oven or toaster oven for a re-heat. Only way to maintain crispness. ;)
  9. I toast me up 2 pieces of bread, put butter on the toast, make a sandwich buy putting the fish in between the 2 pieces of bread, then nuke them (30 seconds to 1 min should do it) until the fish is hot and the butter has melted making sure not to nuke them to long. Boy it that good. Let me know if you try it that way. That's the best way I have found to eat a few pieces of left over fish.
  10. flash fry it again in very hot oil, just enough to crisp it up and warm it.

  11. That is what I usually do.:yeahthat:
  12. I just snack on it at room temperature the next day. Just my way of doing it though.:)
  13. This is an OLD thread, but I thought I'd resurrect it. A month or so ago I was in Costco and ran across a nice Oster toaster oven for about $60. It's really nice and much bigger than your standard toaster oven. I've been wanting to pick up a toaster oven for a while but for a decent one they were running around $60 - $80 at least. And that's for the small type that you usually think of when you think of a toaster oven. But the Oster that I bought at Costco even has convection heating too. I've discovered that it works GREAT for reheating pizza! About a week ago I got a really good pizza from a new place not far from my place. We only ate about half of it on the night I brought it home so I put the left overs in a Ziploc bag and put it in the fridge. A couple days later I was hungry for some lunch so I decided to give the convection setting a try on the new Oster. I set the temp at about 425, warmed it up and popped a piece of pizza in there. After about five minutes it was ready to go. Let me tell you that it was as good (if not better) than the night I brought it home! I ended up finishing the rest of it the next day by reheating it the same way. It heats it up very thoroughly and adds just a slight crisp to the outside of the crust. Heck, I think I may just buy a pizza and stick it in the fridge over night and have it for dinner the next day. :lol:

    Convection ovens RULE!


    I just went and found a link to the one I bought. It's a very nice toaster oven for the money!|103|28485|3214&N=4009927&Mo=2&pos=3&No=1&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=3214&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC10598-Cat56625&topnav=
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    I just eat it cold!!
  15. this is an old thread, but since it was resurrected, I'll post.

    Mushiness is all in the way you store it. Wrap the fish in paper towel before you stick it in a ziplock or gladware or whatever. the paper will soak up any excess moisture. When you nuke it (yeah, I said nuke it!), keep it on paper towel. Again, this will pull out extra grease and moisture.

    It's not going to be fryer crisp, or as good as 10 mins in an oven, but if you're a poor stiff like me and a microwave's your only option at work, you'll be amazed at the difference.

    Oh, and don't overcook it!


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