How to remove the fish smell from your hands.

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Skinner 2, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. After a salmon fishing outing I could still smell fish on my hands. This was after showing and washing my hands a couple time. After a bit of time I poured a small amount of Listerene Mouth Wash on my hands.

    This removed the fish odor. Today I carry of bottle of listerene with me on every trip away from home just for this purpose.

    Not sure if anybody else has tried this.

    What other methods do you guys use when bar soap is not enough?

    edit that should be fish on the tpoic line not foish. LOL


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  2. Lemon Juice

  3. I mix up a container with some bleach, dish detergent, and water. It cleans and disinfects my fish cleaning table, cooler, and removes the fish smell from my hands.
  4. Never thought of that but it sounds like a good idea. I always have a bottle of "real lemon" lemon juice in the fridge at home. Use it to wash my hands after handling fish and slicing onions etc. Works great at removing the smell. I would not use it as a substitute to washing but using it with regular hand washing really helps. Not sure how conveinant it would be to keep a bottle of that with you though, I think it needs refrigeration once opened but?
  5. I have used shaving cream.
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  6. :: Tooth paste
  7. I just drink beer until I don't notice anymore.:evil:
  8. Anglers

    Anglers Banned

    Why did we not know this in High school :lol:
  9. KWB

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    LMAO! Ahhh man what are you talking about bud, they smelled nice & sweet back in those days... :lol:
  10. What I really need to know is how do you get the skunk smell out of the boat?
  11. Anyone else use the wonder bar. A stainless steel bar that looks like soap???

    It works, and I don't know how. I even had one of my friends use stailess flatware and it worked too.

    Can anyone tell me why is works I have no idea :dizzy:
  12. I've heard that it has something to do with the negative or positive ions. Kind of like those air filtration devices.
  13. sfw1960

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    It is something about pos/neg ions Al ...
    The v00ndAR Bar is Stainless Steel (like my sink) which I already own , so I use that instead...
    Out in the field??
    Try coffee!!
    No kidding.
    C.O. Bigelow No.1160 Lemon Cream Body Wash works as well.
    I usually use that with a squirt of liquid hand soap and a squirt of hand sanitizer (helps dilute the fish oils that want to stay behind) along with a rub down of my sink.

    OK... how many "closet finger sniffers" do we have here???

    :evilsmile :evil:
  14. Ya caught me!#@ :evil:

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