How to remove fletching?

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by michigandeerslayer, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Is there a way of taking off fletching if you dont have one of those fancy tools. It would be on carbon arrows

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  2. I use a potato peeler for the most part. If that doesn't get it all I use a dull utilty knife blade at a 90 degree angle on the shaft to remove the stubborn spots.

  3. Potato peeler and scotchbrite.
  4. I just use a swiss army knife or equivalent blade. I lay the blade almost completely flat against the shaft and then cut the vane off. The residue/parts of vane left can then easily be taken off by the same method but slightly increasing the angle and making fast motions back and forth (blade pointed in one direction only typically works better). This will mark your shaft up but as long as you dont use too sharp of an angle you wont actually cut into the shaft. This is also nice because it roughs up the surface a little which allows for better fletching adhesion. I have tried using aheasive remover which works great for the removal but have found my new fletching wont hold worth a crap.
  5. All are good suggestions. I would recommend that before you re-fletch put some wraps makes the entire process MUCH scraping at all.
  6. Go with wraps, the extra $ is well worth it. They look cool and clean up is much easier. Run them under hot water and they come off easy.
  7. I too like wraps on my arrows but there is one drawback. If you lose one fletch, you will more than likely be reflecthing all three or four depending on your prsonal preference.. ;)

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