How to destroy a diesel engine

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  1. Does anybody know what to mix into diesel fuel that will quickly destroy an engine??:yikes:
    My BIL's company I work for has these thiefs neighbors. It is this old autoshop/tire place that I couldn't figure out how they stay in business since not too many people will trust them with their vehicles.
    Well, now I know how they compensate for the lack of business, they keep stealing diesel from our semi trucks and I am sure from many other places as well (just saw them putting red diesel into some taxi driver's car the other day). Recently we started noticing that more people including taxi drivers stop by and buy diesel from these crooks.
    I am willing to loose some diesel over this to put them out of "business" with little work. I need to mix something into a hundred or so gallons of diesel that will definitely and quickly destroy an engine. I know exactly how to park one of the trucks to make sure that they won't be able to resist :evil:. A few taxi drivers loosing their engines should do the trick.

    (By the way, the local police won't be much help - only a short term solution, and I don't want to let our employees "deal" with it since they are all pretty pi...d over this and I want to make sure they don't do something stupid in the middle of the night).

    Thanks for the tips


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  2. How is the diesel stored. Putting something into the fuel to destroy the engine is wrong and illegal. So is putting gasoline in a tank marked diesel.

    The best thing is to secure the fuel better. If they are syphoning the fuel out of trucks and equipment then locking fuel caps are in order.

    If they are taking it from the storage tanks then the tanks need to be secured better.

    Also if the local pd is not willing to help then you go to the next level, county or state.

    But to cause damage to someone's property over your BIL's ignorance to protect his property is just completely wrong.

  3. X2. Call the authorities. Maybe they can do a surveilence op on them and prosecute them, that's the best way:thumbup:

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  4. I bet mixing gasoline and diesel and together would do it. :evil:
  5. Thanks for the reply Scott, I was hoping you'll chime in.
    I guess more info is in order. I have to spend a few years oversees to help with the family business now. The culture here is totally different then in the States (I hate it really, people steel, town, county, city and state officials steel and the punishment when caught is pathetic. Secondly, it is not illegal to destroy my own diesel in our own trucks and would actually get an applause from the local cops if this turns out the way I hope. Thirdly, if you lock your semi truck tank, however tempting that might be - they WILL easily and quickly put a hole into your tank and you are screwed. Trying a tank motion/vibration security system that will either start an alarm or send you a text message doesn't pay either - for some reason they take it personally, it upsets them-believe it or not and they for example cut your truck vinyl. To leave a minimum amount of diesel in the trucks every Friday night worked for a while but proved to be a PITA. Believe me, it's been all tried before.
    I know it must be hard to think in a different country and cultural mind set that most will just not be able to do - and I can relate to that so that's no problem (I guess that's a privilege and a curse of bi-cultural people only), so try to put that aside and try to answer without the lectures - please ;).
  6. Exactly, thanks

    Thanks for the replies guys, keep them coming ;)
  7. It wouldn't take much and there would likely be instant results.

    They must be stealing from a contractor, or farmer if they are selling off road (red) fuel. There are big fines for that. Might just call authorities and let them do their thing, but it likely will fall on deaf ears.:sad:
  8. Oh well if you are in a different country then put the diesel in the gasoline tank and put gasoline in the diesel tank. Just make sure your BIL knows this and knows which one to go to for the correct fuel. The idiot thiefs will steal the gas which they think is diesel and that will destroy an engine.

    When you are talking about mixing the two, you have to have a pretty high ratio. So it would have to be something like 75% gasoline 25% diesel.

    I think 50,000 volt electric fence around the tanks would work pretty good too.
  9. If they are stealing it from the vehicle tanks. Just leave the vehicles parked over night empty. Syphon the fuel out on your own and into a 55 gallon drum that you can store in a secure building. Then there is no fuel for them to steal over night.
  10. A few service trucks used to have the gas and diesel tags switched. Diesel in a gas engine is'nt usually major damage but I know if you put the gasoline in a JD front end loader it causes very major damage.
  11. Sugar.Make it really sweet.
  12. I think with a little sleep sacrifice, we can actually manage to record the actual taking of the diesel BUT there are several "low-life employees", we put behind bars one of them for a few months and the other 4 will continue and start their more harmful paybacks so that won't work. Trust me guys, all the normal solutions DO NOT work here - I am the first one that would try them all.

    This last idea seems ideal, they won't know which diesel was the "special" one and both parties will get punished. The ones stealing and the ones knowingly buying stolen diesel will too.

    And it might actually bring lasting results as nobody will risk loosing their engine and the word will spread - believe me.
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  13. All the semi trucks here are diesel only and steeling diesel must be a national sport here or something - man do I hate thiefs.
    The thiefs can tell the diesel from gasoline in a heartbeat. Do you guys think that 50/50 diesel-gasoline mix would still smell too much like gasoline that it would give it away and if not, is it enough gasoline that would destroy a diesel engine?
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