How to build a mud motor

Discussion in '' started by Mr. Marley, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. has anyone had any success building a mud motor. I was thinking about giving it a try. Any advise, or plans you can provide.

    Mr. Marley

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  2. i've been planning one for about a year now... i'll post my bookmarked info when i get home.

  3. plan on building one this winter. we are set on just finding one to borrow and cribbing the info on the crucial dimensions off of it. we have all of the machining capabilities as well as the motor from a lawn tractor that is de-commisioned for its original purpose.
  4. Here is a link I was looking at when I thought it was a good idea to build one. Would love to get some serious conversation about building one going on this site. My hang ups are the universal joint is about $80 (love joy brand) that I have found and the prop is about $120 and a descent engine is gonna run couple hundred as well. That is a good start to a used motor but, that is just my 2 cents.
  5. lol, that's the link i've been looking at. :lol:

    still, if you have fabrication resources where you can do it yourself, you could build an 11-13 hp motor for easily less than 800 if you go with a used motor.

    i'm all about more discussion, but its off to the pond for me right now... back later. :chillin:
  6. I have been thinking about this for a while now and the cheapest u joint I found was thru Beavertail for $55.00. You can buy a lot of parts thru there website that can make building one easier. Try Ebay for the prop, there is a guy that has been making these for a while now and they realy are good quality. If you need a motor try
  7. I saw one last week at SRSGA. Talked to the owner about it for a few minutes. He was a welder and just got info off of the internet and parts off E-bay. It looked good and ran nice too. It was a 6hp Intek B&S. It seemed he used a sprocket and chain setup to run the prop drive as oppopsed to the U-joint.
  8. ya i was gonna say also, i seen that at hulien rd. launch saturday....guy did hellava job on the welding and design. looked like it worked well.
  9. You might do a search for mud motor plans on EBay...

    I have seen some for sale on there lately...
  10. plans are available all over e-bay and the internet.
  11. You don't have to use a u-joint. You could copy Scavenger's design and just let the motor tilt torwards the back while operating. I am thinking of building a short shaft with chain and sprockets, kind of like the Bog hog kit you could buy at one time. Rumor has it you cannot order a Bog Hog kit right now due to huge production coast teh company has been hit with.

    I have a nice 11hp B&S electric start, horizontal shaft motor that needs to go on something.

    I owned a 13hp Scavenger 3 years ago, it was pretty slow and heavy. It hads lots of torque power, but not much speed. I did not feel it was worht the investment, and it was to heavy to pull over the dykes. But I would build one....I am one of those tinker'ers
  12. I take that back, I have a vangaurd Briggs 16hp v twin. I am going to embark on building on this summer. I cannot decide wheather to build a short shaft or long.
  13. Well I am moving forward with this, I have the shaft, 1" 8'(I will cut it), upper and lower bearings and seals. I need to get a u-joint and a prop now, the rest should be a piece of cake. One thing I have learned from my scavenger is to let the motor hang in the boat a little bit so it is balanced with the shaft, that scavenger seemed pretty heavy to get it out of the water. The prop I plan on ordering from back woods propulsion.

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