How quiet is your crossbow?

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by scherbs, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I am considering a crossbow for next season. I want one that is smooth and quiet and was wondering if anyone has feedback on one they have that is too noisey or nice and quiet. Thanks

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  2. Why would the noise of a crossbow bother you? None will ever be as quiet as a longbow or recurve....and folks who shoot those also worry about how to quiet their bows! Yes, I shot recurve for many, many years and now shoot a crossbow. As for the noise of a crossbow, it only bothers the hunter and not the deer.
  3. Sound travels through air at 1,125 fps. A fast crossbow arrow can travel 350 fps and some even 400 fps. With that in mind it doesn't matter how fast, how noisy or how quiet your bow is a deer can hear it and has time to duck the shot. That's why shooting at a relaxed deer versus an alert one is usually more successful regardless of the bow either vertical or a crossbow.
  4. Yep, sound travels faster than an arrow. Have you done the math on how much quicker the sound will arrive at the deer's ear compared to when the broadhead starts its way through the ribcage if the deer is about 25 yds. away ? If you haven't, you should.

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  5. With both deer I shot this year with my 10 Point, I couldn't tell for sure which was louder the crossbow or the sound of the wack on their ribcage. Which both seemed to sound almost instantanious. Both were completly suprized. one at 32 yds the other at 27.
  6. There is a mfg coming out with a new model bow, it is whisper quiet. I just got the news today. Parallel limbs and only a 14" power stroke, it short from ata due to the limbs. I will have more news after the ATA show next month, they are not going to reveal until then. A lot of new and great stuff coming from an older company.
  7. By Nature of the Beast Croosbows are loader than verticle Bows, Mostly due to the perpendicular raiser configurations to the limbs. Recurve Crossbows are loader than Compounds, because of the longer limbs. They can be toned down somewhat with string silencers and dampering systems but in my opion your just reducing arrow speed and add weight.

    Shoot distances that are resonible and you'll get your animal.

  8. I shoot an old Horton Hunter Supreme with bracketed wheels and yep it's pretty noisey but the 11 deer or so I've shot with it did'nt know what hit em'.Shot them from 8 - 26 yards.Try to catch them relaxed and at a resonable yardage and there should'nt be any problems reguardless of the amount of noise the crossbow makes.
  9. They don't even have to be relaxed 30 yards and under. No experience over that range so can't say. The noise just does not seem to have any effect that I've been able to detect.
  10. My Parker is very loud but it did bother the buck, doe and the tom turkey that I killed this year ,had a very good season .Bud
  11. My question wasnt so much about deer jumping the string as quality of the bow. I guess I kind of equate a smooth, quiet bow to a well made bow. I have had decent shooting compounds in the past that were loud and I just hated it. I dont know if a smoother bow would be better than any others but I think it might have a better chance than one that is noisey and vibrates is all...
  12. I've seen several Excalibur bows that amazed me how quiet they are. You also won't find a better made bow and the company stands behind their bows great. Check them out.
  13. :lol: Isnt "quiet crossbow" an oxymoron? :lol:
  14. I will see the new xbow at the ATA show, and I will have first hand on how quiet it is. I know it is unlike any others, parallel limbs and only a 14" power stroke, it will have a very short axle to axle due to this. We can only wait and listen!

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