How often do you repack bearings in a utility trailer?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Swamp Monster, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. For utility/landscape trailers, how often do you guys repack your wheel bearings? No submersions in water, about 3000 - 4000 miles a year (all seasons) or so in use. Yearly? Every 3 years?
    I'm going on 4 years now and think maybe it is time....or possibly past due considerably.
    What do you trailer axle experts have to say?

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  2. ESOX

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    All depends upon mileage, but no less than semiannually.

  3. I know I'm overdue on both of mine! :yikes:

    Should be at least every two years.

  4. I repack them yearly. Add grease to the bearing buddies every couple hundred miles, just a pump or two. Check adjustment 1/2 way thru the year. No failures yet on any of the three trailers I regularly use.
  5. Well, I'm probably close to 14K to 15K total over 4 years. Sounds like I'm due regardless.
  6. I use synthetic axle grease. I repack my bearings once a year. I have yet to have a problem with them. My trailer goes all over the place too.

  7. I agree with this approach. The mileage may be a bit low, but you can check the bearing buddies and know when you are due. Especially if your trailer has those baby wheels.

    Capt. if you are reloading grease all the time, do you really see the need to repack?
  8. 3. With Bearing Buddy® installed, how often do I need to repack my bearings? We don't recommend inspecting your bearings more frequently than once every 5 years, provided you properly maintain the grease level in the hubs, and your bearings and seals are in new condition when you install genuine Bearing Buddy®. The Bearing Buddy® system maintains a constant pressure of 3 p.s.i. on the grease inside the hub. Since the hub is always full of grease (with proper maintenance) there is no need to repack your bearings. Some customers have reported that their Bearing Buddy® units were removed for the first time after 10 to 15 years of use, and the bearings still looked like new.
  9. Trailer has 15" wheels and 3500# axle. I have bearing buddies on my boat trailers. I've never seen bearing buddies for a hub this large, If they make them, I'd put them on this trailer as well. I check those trailers yearly since they see lots of water etc, even though they have covers.
  10. Maybe not, but the repack is also time to inspect cones and rollers, seals, brake linings(if equipped), mounting flange bolts etc.

    Like I said before, no failures yet. :)
  11. Thanks for the info guys! Looks like I'll see if I can get some new bearing buddies that fit and get after her. The trailer will see a lot of use between September and December.
  12. Roadside is when I seem to do wheel bearing maintenance. :rant::) I do have a tip though (let your boat trailer bearings cool down before you unload the boat will help them last longer) I never seem to be able to do it but I hear it does help.
  13. Yep, if you have good seals adding grease to the bearing buddy will remove any moisture. Doing it yearly is a waste of time, I change my bearings every 5 years along with races and seals. I use my trailers quite a bit also, it never hurts to change annually but I don't.

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