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How Much is My Point Blank Bow worth?

Discussion in 'Archery' started by Jeff in Oregon, May 2, 2010.

  1. Jeff in Oregon

    Jeff in Oregon
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    Dufur Oregon
    Hi All,

    I'm new in like...10 minutes old and firstly wanted to say hello to all. I just found this awesome forum while doing a Google search to see what I could find out about my bow and the company that made it.

    It's a point Proline Point Blank with "C limbs" 30" draw 55 -70+lbs.
    Overall it's a pretty short bow.

    I bought it back in Colorado around 1988 or so and hunted deer the first two seasons I owned it up near Meeker, CO. Then I kinda lost interest in it do to other greater interests in life. So it's been sitting in the case ever since. Obviously it's had VERY moderate use for as old as it is in years.

    I'm really not up to speed on archery eqpt. these days nor do I know much more than the fact that in it's day, it was a heck of good bow.

    So I'm hoping that there are a few knowledgeable veterans of archery around here that can give me an honest idea on a fair value.

    I'm also wondering where online are the best and most appropriate places to offer it for sale?

    Any help / tips would be great...and greatly appreciated!

    Make it an awesome day,

    Jeff in Oregon
  2. Hoyt_em

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    todays technology is light years ahead of that bow. To be honest, its prolly not worth much past 75 or so...very little use or not.

    You might be able to squeak a bit more out of it of'n Craigslist, but not by much...basically selling to the uniformed.

  3. Swamp Monster

    Swamp Monster
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    They were great bows back in the Day. I still have a Proline Point Blank New Wave from the early 90's, but it doesn't see any use anymore. As mentioned, today they are not worth much on the used market. Archery gear, unless it is something collectable or rare, is horrible at holding value.
  4. 3fingervic

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    Clinton Twp.
    I agree you would be lucky to get $100 out of it. I would try to find someone local that wants to get into the sport, but can't afford to get started. I gave my old bow to a member from this site. If you want to sell it you could try putting it up on .