How much $ for your MI Hunting Licenses?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by safetreehunt, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Just bought my licenses and while I'm more than happy to pay for the privilege to hunt in Michigan, the sticker shock for the number of licenses caught me a little off guard this year. Here's a list of the costs for Michigan licenses from the DNR website. How much did you pay for your hunting privileges this year?

    I spent $50 on Combo Deer, Small Game and Waterfowl. Count everything you spent a buck on and add it all up. I didn't include any federal costs like duck stamps or even any fishing licenses.

    Sorry this didn't format better

    License Type Fee

    Resident Firearm Deer$15.00

    Senior Firearm Deer
    (residents only)$6.00

    Resident Archery Deer$15.00

    Senior Archery Deer
    (residents only)$6.00

    Junior Archery Deer$7.50

    Nonresident Firearm Deer$138.00

    Nonresident Archery Deer$138.00

    Combination Deer Resident$30.00

    Combination Deer Senior$12.00

    Combination Deer Junior$15.00

    Combination Deer Nonresident$276.00

    Resident Elk Application 3$4.00

    Elk (residents only)$100.00

    Resident Fur Harvester$15.00

    Senior Fur Harvester
    (residents only)$6.00

    Junior Fur Harvester$7.50

    Junior Resident Fur Harvester
    (trap only)$7.50

    Nonresident Fur Harvester$150.00

    Resident Fur Harvester
    (trap only)$15.00

    Nonresident Fur Harvester
    (trap only)$150.00

    Bear Application3$4.00

    Resident Bear 1$15.00

    Senior Bear 1$6.00

    Nonresident Bear 1$150.00

    Resident Small Game$15.00

    Senior Small Game
    (residents only)$6.00

    Junior Small Game$1.00

    Nonresident Small Game$69.00

    3-Day Nonresident Small Game$30.00

    Gamebird Hunting Preserve$15.00

    Waterfowl 2$5.00

    Reserved Waterfowl Hunt Application 3$4.00

    Daily Managed Waterfowl Hunt$4.00

    Annual Managed Waterfowl Hunt$13.00

    Fall Turkey Application3$4.00

    Resident Fall Turkey 1$15.00

    Senior Fall Turkey 1
    (residents only)$6.00

    Nonresident Fall Turkey 1$69.00

    Spring Turkey Application3$4.00

    Resident Spring Turkey 1$15.00

    Senior Spring Turkey 1
    (residents only)$6.00

    Nonresident Spring Turkey 1$69.00

    DNR Sportcard$1.00


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  2. On the other hand, I've been investigating states that do a "better" job in the hunter recruitment area. Alabama is considered to be one of the best by the US Sportsman's Alliance. Browsing the Alabama site I found this list of license fees for that state. As a comparison I thought I'd show it also.

    All hunting licenses are covered under one fee of $16.00 for the entire state. A $300 Lifetime license is also available. Reviewing the site, I have not found that there is even any charge for youth licenses. Anyone under the age of 16 does not need a license, sort of like fishing in Michigan. They must be accompanied by a licensed adult of course.

    I found this all to be quite interesting by contrast.


  3. So far I have $50 wrapped up in just my combo tag and two doe permits. And I'm sure I'll add at least one more doe tag, possibly 3 more so I'm looking at $60-$90 just for deer. Imo, a Tremendous value!!

    I have no idea what Alabama DNR does or the type of resources that it most oversee, so I can't comment on the comparison between states. My gut tells me though that it is not apples to apples.

    Plus, if you've been to teh south, everything is cheaper...everything.

    I wonder if that $16.00 is similar to Ohio's...I must buy a sportsman license first for $25 and only then am I allowed to buy deer tags, turkey license etc. I wouldn't mind seeing MI do this and have it earmarked for habitat, both land and water etc.
  4. Nonresident Small Game 69.00
    Federal Duck stamp 15.00
    Waterfoul Stamp 5.00
    Managment area permit 13.00 (?)
    Non-Resident Deer 138.00
    Sport Card 1.00
    $241.00 just to hunt for 2 months... :bash: :)
  5. i'm at $60 just in doe permits so far.
  6. tommy-n

    tommy-n Banned

    It cost how much to go to a movie now days? I think we are being charged a fair price, no complaints here. I have to buy for myself and two boys, seems like alot when you lay it out, but keeps everyone busy for awhile ;)
  7. I've paid less than $50 for combo deer, an antlerless permit and small game license. I may buy a federal waterfowl stamp for an extra couple bucks.

    That $50 provides a lot of hunting opportunity. No complaints from me.
  8. A mere pitance when you think about how much you're going to pay to gas up the truck this fall :yikes: I don't know about you guys, but I put tons of miles on mine from October through early December, including about 1200 miles going to North Dakota duck hunting. The license fees are the least of our worries ;)
  9. tommy-n

    tommy-n Banned

    I drive over 40,000 a year, so I know what it's all about. I thought about going to the sperm bank to see what thats worth now :yikes:
  10. $50.00 -$60.00 for 3 months of hunting is nothing. How much is that

    ticket in the Big House at the 50 yard line.

    One more thing...Wild Bill, $60.00 on doe permits so far?:yikes:
    are you kidding me, how many deer do you have to kill in one season.
    Show alittle restrait and pass up a deer once in awhile, it won't kill you.
  11. tommy-n

    tommy-n Banned

    The dnr is still trying to thin the herd in some area's, I can't really see a qualitly deer hunting expeirence till the ratio gets a little closer to 1:1
  12. Maybe he hunts in an area where the does need to be thinned ya think? I hunt two different counties, one a farm that is getting hammered....4 does alone from that property won't even make a dent! And 4 does from the other property may not be out of the question as well!

    Once freezers are full and friends are fed, there are programs available that will benefit tremendously from from any venizon that can be spared.

    In some areas, taking 8 deer might be irresponsible, but not in all areas.
  13. In some areas, taking 8 deer might be irresponsible, but not in all areas.

    Please, "in some areas"
    I can't wait to see a complaint about not seeing any deer by Wild-Bill.
    I will be all over that.
  14. When you hunt good properties, the fruits of your labor are bountiful!
  15. Well, apparantly you have not been around enough to see some of his pictures. I also happen to know abouts where one of his properties is, and there are no shortage of deer in that county. It's fairly close to mine. I'm guessing you'll be waiting a while!

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