How many ways to put 2 pieces of wood together?

Discussion in 'Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement' started by jimp, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. I would have guessed 3 - nails, glue and duct tape :D

    Neat site.

  2. Don't forget about zip-ties and twine/rope.
  3. The old standby beer cans and bailing wire!
  4. Ha ha !! That was funny. :lol: But seriously the website page has discovered and disclosed the new GK ( general knowledge ) on wood working. Machine descriptions and there usage are described very well. Every step is described clearly and easy to understand. Thanks a lot for your effort. Hope I would use some of the tips. :evil:
  5. hi robsam...can you give me the site which i can find useful information. i have lot's of question and i want a great answer that i know it really works...can you share it to me...?

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