how many grills/smokers do yall have

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  1. ive got a 5 burner gas grill...a uds a charcoal vertical smoker and a charcoal offset smoker/grill....i want to get an egg smoker/grill but the wife says i have

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  2. Tell Her,that she has enough shoes and purses.
    There is no such a thing for having to many smokers,grills,cookers, Now way.

  3. You're a couple short. I have a 4 burner gas w/ side burner, a two burner gas, a charcoal smoker, a 22.5" Webber charcoal and two table top gas grills for tailgating and fishing trips.
  4. Oh,forgot to tell you about my cookers.
    A 2 burner gas grill (Ducane)
    A 55 Gallon UDS
    A 30 Gallon UDS
    A 16 Dallon UDS
    Three 22 1/2 Weber OTS
    One 18 1/2 Weber OTS
    One Weber SJ
    One Char-Broil Table top model
    And 2 Brinkman Smokers

    You count em.
  5. You are my hero!

    PS This is post 500 for me. First signed on Feb 2002. Obviously I don't go overboard on posting..... :D
  6. :yikes: i need to go buy some more smokers
  7. Hmm let see...

    I have
    1 Weber Ranch Kettle
    1 Weber 22.5" Performer
    1 Weber 22.5" Silver Kettle
    1 Weber 18" WSM - Weber Smokey Mountain w/ BBQ Guru DX to run it!!
    1 Weber 18" SJP - Smokey Joe Platinum
    1 Weber 18" Jumbo Joe
    2 Weber Full size chimney starter
    1 Weber Mini size chimney starter

    I had a 22.5" WSM got rid of it for an offset. I get rid of the offset to.

    I love cooking on Webers. :lol:
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  8. 2 55 gallon uds-2 Webber charcoal grills-and 1 of those outside propane insults to bbq.
  9. Anyone running a pellet grill / smoker?

    I am considering a Yoder YS480
  10. Rookie48079

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    I have had about every type of bbq made, propane, barrel, webber, brink man and little smokers. It took me 2 years of looking at Big Green Egg's to justify spending that kind of money. Wish I would have gotten one sooner. It has, by far, turned out the best food I have ever done. They are guaranteed for life to the original owner. I had a fire pot crack slightly, from a 700 degree burnout. Called BGE and they sent one free of charge. It cooks the juiciest food you ever ate.
  11. I have a Weber Performer and 2 Big Green Eggs (a medium and a large)
  12. Man, I've been wanting one of those eggs for a long time...

    I wonder if he cheaper imitations are any good. they seem to have a decent reputation around the internet. Probably get what you pay for.

    My wife thinks I'm nuts with the amount of grills I have around.

    3 assorted 18" webers (one redhead)
    2 charbroil imitation webers
    1 smokey joe
    1 brinkmann offset firebox cooker
    1 weber smokey mountain smoker
    1 ecb smoker

    probably forgetting one or two.
  13. Spanky


    got a few, I guess 2 propane models, a couple barrels, and a tow behind jobby that eats logs every 10-15 minutes .:D

    great to see so many sick with the meat burning addiction.
  14. It will be my Akorns third year here quickly.. My main reason for buying the Akorn was a cold weather efficient BBQ unit and for times I did not feel like feeding splits in the summer as a start and walk away unit.. I did not buy it for high heat pizzas, high heat grilling after doing so I prefer other grills :help: I have done low and slow on the Akorn in below zero temps and the unit comes up quickly, holds temp and burns no noticeable fuel difference than if it were 70, they are that efficient.

    It has worked absolutely beautiful and the unit looks brand new.. Is it as good as an egg or joe no it will do what they do but those units are built for your grandkids to use and may be easier to master.. But once you have mastered the learning curve and understand the cooker you can dial in tight and in an 8 hr cook touch the vent maybe once or twice. I have seen tests where the akorn may be more efficient but when we are talking 24-36 hr burns on a load of lump its a mute point..

    As for the actual finished BBQ itself, I prefer the food off a stick burner, I do not want to say the smoke flavor is stronger as it is the flavor, but its more pronounced.. I burn straight apple in the stick burner and I would say the smoke flavor is more pronounced in 8 hr cook than cooking on the Kamado for 8 hrs with even Hickory..

    If you choose to buy an Akorn hit me up as their are many tricks to expedite the learning curve in controlling temps..
  15. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1395798864.497934.jpg this is my favorite I got 6$ into it plus some redneck engineering

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