How long to wait after gettin busted

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by sslopok, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. During the early gun season I missed a doe with my muzzleloader. I think the same group of 6-7 does came in this morning. They came in and munched around but stayed out of my openings. It is really thick! Well I thought they all had wandered off, so I climded down from my stand(had to get home to meet someone). Right when I get to the bottom step I look back and 2 of the deer were hidden in the thickets and were staring right at me. They did the normal stomp/blow. They were fairly close so I started to inch toward them. Right before I could get a shot they bolted.
    So I think I have been busted 2x by the same group of does. Should I let the stand cool for a while, or do the deer have a short memory?

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  2. Did they catch your scent? If they did, it's over. They will avoid that area. If not, they will return but the question is, when? I would rest that stand for a week, and then only hunt it when the wind is right for a silent approach.

  3. It's been a long time since I have busted. We used to have this old doe that had busted one of us and every time she came back to that tree stand site she would stay out of range and look right up first thing. Once you've been busted it's hard to say but most deer don't forget. Your in there house, it's like you stubbing your toe on the couch, you never forget every time you walk past it. Just my thoughts. Good Luck there are more deer in the woods!!!!
  4. I don't think they winded me because they munched around for around 45 minutes. They were north of me also and the wind was a southeast. I was was wearing my scent blocker outfit so hopefully that helped.

    I hope it doesn't shut down my spot. It is tough enough to see deer on this 20 acres.
  5. If you have other stands to hunt I would give it a break. The next rains will wash away your scent IF that was the problem. Otherwise next time you go back I would take some type of scent (I would use the Earth or Acorn scent) spray and use it on the brush nearby and all the way into your stand. I am sure those are not the only does that will be going your way. Don't sweat it. Deer will still go by even after you get busted.
  6. I have to disagree!~
    It all depends on the habbitat and situation.
    You can't say that if a deer smells you they will never come back through!
    I and I am sure alot of other hunters here havev proven this wrong.
    Sometimes right, but for sure not always!!
    My 2 cents
  7. Last week on a 5-day hunt, the same 4pt busted me by scent (only scent) 2-days in a row. The 3rd day he returned but a .25wssm busted him before he scented me. So, 3-days in a row he came back....
    Now this is in S. Carolina so maybe ya'lls deer are a little smarter.
  8. not quite sure about the whitetails here. but when i used to guide out west if elk or mulie bucks busted u by sent it was over they werent coming back. but if they just saw you and didnt smell you they would useually be back in same area the next day.
  9. in my area if deer avoided every area they smelled or saw a human they would have to leave the state!!
    I dont think it bothers them as bad as most think. Just hunt a different stand for a few days. They didnt see you in the stand.
  10. If that's all you have to hunt & have time to go back? I would, you never know who else might walk through the area :)

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