How long to cure firewood? (fresh pine)

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Kevin, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Super Moderator

    I have heard that you must "cure" wood before it is good for the fireplace.
    I have two nice-sized pine trees that Mother Nature toppled in my backyard Thur-Fri, which I subsequently reduced to a stack of 12-16" logs.

    What do I have to do with regard to curing?
    Or can I immediately use these logs in the fireplace.

    I do love a crackling pine log on a chilly fall evening :)

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  2. Amos. It takes 6 months to cure hardwood in the right conditions before it is dry enough for firewood. Pine is not a good choice to use in your fireplace. It is full of creosote and will build up on the inside of your flue. If you get much build up it leaves you open for a chimney fire. The chimney willl become a gigantic blow torch more than likely ruining the liner of you chimney and possibly catching your house on fire.

  3. Kevin

    Kevin Super Moderator

    Was not aware of such a danger. I have used pine in the past, but I suppose I will have to reconsider.
    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Yeah keep the pine for outside. My grandpa used to burn it all the time until he had two fires in one fall.
  5. I always cut my wood for the next fall/winter in the previous fall. Store it covered under a tarp or other weather protection, off the ground, and with adequate ventalation.

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