how far do you lead them

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  1. i'm having trouble shooting ducks.i have been missing alot:lol: i'm use to goose hunting and was wondering how far should you lead a duck. i haven't been duck hunting in about 5 years so im a little rusty. any info will be helpful. or you can flame away on me. i deserve it.:D i think im shooting 1:10. ducks/shots.:yikes: thanks.

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  2. depends on angle and speed, if cupped n commited coming right at ya put it on their beak and fire away, but that needs to be changed for instance if your shooting at a teal flying with the wind... it just all depends on what you think it is, i usually go with instinct

  3. wind.. decoying... sitting in a ground blind... feet stuck in the mud... I hunt with alot of guys that think they do better than 1 out of 10... some days that is a good ratio... grind though it... some days I can't miss other days I can't buy a bird... the more you shoot the better you will get... small ducks seem faster than they are and big birds move faster upwind than they look... it is time... more time.. than some laughing.. and it will come together...
  4. :yeahthat:Well that about covers it. What choke do you shoot?
  5. 4 B's and keep swinging.

  6. How far do I lead 'em?? On most days,,,,, not far enough.:rolleyes:
  7. Quit shhoting the cheap steel your probly hitting most of them.
  8. My advice is to calm down and load 1 shell only. Then you won't be in a rush and you will actually take your time to shoulder, aim and squeeze.

    Fast is slow ~~~~~~~ Smooth is fast and accurate...... ;)

  9. If I try to figure out a lead on ducks I'll miss them. So I start behind them and swing through, firing when I'm out in front.
  10. I don't pay attention to the body of the duck, pass shooting I aim a duck length ahead of the birds head and swing through while pulling the trigger. The most important thing is to keep your head on the stock and KEEP THE GUN MOVING, most of the shots you miss are going to be when you lift your head off the stock or stop your swing.

    A decoying bird? Shoot 'em in the face!

    And if you're hunting Buffies....may god help you!
  11. Buffies:yeahthat:
  12. I would reccomend taking a couple of hours and shoot some clays. Get your lead down on one specific shot and then try different angles. Also, practice mounting your gun. A bad mount can be the difference between a dyer and a flyer.
  13. thats his problem.... I have watched him shoot and he stops swinging and then shoots. allways behind the bird. He has missed some easy shots this year (so have I) and now he's gun shy! I can say too much cus in years past zx10r2004 has out shot me more than I care to admit.
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  14. Swing through your shot. DO NOT stop the motion of your gun.

    Butt, Belly, Beak, Bang..................send the Dawg.:D

    If you go Butt, Belly, Beak, Dang,,,,, you're doin it wrong !!!:evilsmile
  15. Good responses so far....smooth and accurate...I like that...

    Ever see the movie "The Patriot?"

    Gibson tells his kids to pick a small target on the target. Shoot small...

    I've been doing this out of the layout boat and it has helped immensely...trying to pick out an eye or the stripe on the beak or whatever...

    Focus Daniel-San....


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