How Far Can an Arrow Travel?

Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by fishingrookie, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Forgive my ignorance. For an average person, How far can he shoot?

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  2. Do you mean a kill shot or who can launch a arrow a 1/4 mile?

  3. I can kill a deer deader than a bag of hammers at 30 yards.
    And if I shoot at an angle over the tree line, I'm guessing a good 2-300 yards.
  4. I see. That means that beyond 150 yards, it will be real hard for kill a deer because the drag from the air greatly slows down the arrow speed.

  5. I have killed deer out to 35 yards ,but the arrow will travel for a looooooooooong ways if I miss .[​IMG] Most deer are killed at 20 yards or less with a bow .
  6. Fishingrookie,
    I think what Thunderhead meant was in a hunting situation, 30 yards is pretty much the maximum distance, however some would say 40 yards is their outer limits to effectively kill a deer. The 2-300 yard was really just saying what the capability of a modern bow-arrow could shoot. In other words, if you held your bow at a 45 degree angle pointing upward, and let go, the arrow would probably travel 2-300 yards, but this is not acceptable for hunting and, quite frankly, seems like a very unsafe thing to do. Accuracy & speed (for hunting) are greatly diminished after 30-40 yards.
  7. How far can an arrow travel? that is the question. depends on the bow and the arrow being shot. I have a parker set at 72 Lbs. took a shot over a cut bean field just for the hell of it to see how far it would go. Gotta tell ya I was amazed. Estimation of about 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile , no wind perfect conditions.
  8. It took a bit of searching, and I would guess that many physics and engineering experts were consulted, but this is what I found...

    Confucius say, “arrow travel until strike object or stick in mud…”
  9. The world flight shooting record for a hand drawn bow is 1336 yards set by Don Brown in 1987.

    The limiting factor in bowhunting is the distance that a hunter can be assured of making a killing shot. An arrow can be fatal from a much greater distance as longbow shooting archers proved in the Middle Ages.


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  11. Very interesting. Each time I ask something, I can always get some interesting responses.

    Merry Christmas to you and your next trophy deer.

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