how does rain affect grouse hunting

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by ducker, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. just woundering heading up for the opener next week suposed to be rainy I'm new to the grouse woods!:gaga:

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  2. lot of rain bad a little rain can help the dog sent

  3. If its light drizzle, hunt your usual cover. If its a steady rain, I like to hunt conifers boardering scrub oaks.
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  4. Last year we had a weekend with two days of rain... It stopped Sunday morning about mid-morning. Had camp packed up and we were heading home. Stopped in a decent spot and put two dogs down. The birds were all over the place. They were starving. We knocked the chit outta them... Good dog work too.

    Me personally, I will sit and wait out the rain and get after them when it stops.

    We hunted mixed covers with a good amount of Pines. Those buggers were waiting out the storms/rain in dem dar pines...
  5. Early season rain help keep the dogs cool and hydrated. Get some good rain gear. A coyboy hat with a wide brim helps keep the water from running down your neck. I love to hunt in a light drizzle. a litttle wind and rain also seems to make the birds hold a bit more. Good luck.
  6. Rain is a huge benefit.....when it stops.
  7. Well it causes me to get wet, my gun to possibly rust and my glasses to steam up.

    As for the dog(s).....heck they don't care; prob cools them.

    As for birds; i have not had that good of luck when its raining; but have had good luck prior to and after the rain.

    I would pressume that the rain would get the woodies out and moving around looking for worms in locations that are usually a bit dry...higher ground.

    Apart from the rain, with this dry hot summer I see a lot of trees dropping leaves already, cotton wood behind my place have dropped 100% already, other softwoods are yellow and dropping too. Should make early season shooting easier...or so i hope.

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