How do I get rid of the crayfish in my yard?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by captain jay, May 31, 2003.

  1. I live on a lake, and I have about 40 crayfish holes in my yard on the lake side. Every time I mow the lawn, I have big dirt clumps, about 2 - 3 inches high, and it makes the yard look like crap.
    I can pick these things up every day, but they will be back tomorrow, just as tall. I have 1" holes everywhere out there!!

    Any suggestions?

    Captain Jay

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  2. Trap them and use them for bait.

  3. Or eat 'em. If you trap them once or twice that'll proly take quite a few out, Shane
  4. Get a pet racoon:D
  5. And how might one go about trapping a crayfish?

  6. They sell wire cage trap's for them captain jay....i know bass pro and i'd guess cabela's would have them also.

    Just put a little meat in the cage and sit it in the water overnite.

  7. I think i read somewhere you can drop a peice of meat tied on fishing line down a whole and when you see the line move pull up and you will pull the crawfish out. I've never done it before, but i think thats what i read.

  8. What is so bad about a few crayfish in your back yard?
    It is better than wolves Killing your lively hood......
    You Troll's say, we need the wolves in the UP...
    Those cray fish WERE THERE FIRST!
    Sucks when something you don't like is wrecking just your lawn.
  9. He asked for help not someone being rude:rolleyes:. Amazing how people start being rude over crayfish ,Shane
  11. Maybe we could move some of Bubbas wolves to eat the crayfish They would also rid the neighborhood of any unrestained pets.
  12. Nobody said you need wolves in the UP, they are a part of the UP, were there first and most likely are not real happy about your being there, and you ought to be happy there are back, kinda like the Turkeys and Moose.......anyhow the traps work real well, they are screen and are somewhat like a minnow trap, though you may have to catch a lot of crawdads, sometime referred to as Crayfish:D
  13. Wolves were more prevalent In the less heavily forested areas like southern michigan. May be we should concentrate repopulation efforts in suburban and semi urban areas where the people appreciate wolves.
  14. I think thats a good idea plugger, get rid of a bunch of ankle biters:D ,shane
  15. MSUICEMAN is right. They can be caught by string (fishing line) and some type of worm or meat tied on the end. I have done it when I was a kid.
    The best thing to do is Find a kid show him/her how to catch them and give them a dime fro each one.
    Re-locate/ fish with / or eat the ones caught.

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