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  1. Well, as of this morning I will be 6 days away from purchasing a new crossbow package from Wyvern Creations, the Wicked Ridge Invader, BUT yesterday i got to handle the new Horton Bone Collector, it felt really nice, easy to shoulder, looked like decent quality, however I did not get to shoot it. Looking for some thoughts on this model, I did a little research on it and could not find much on this or other forums. So, if you have one, heard about em, anything, please let me know...thanks in advance Gooseboy

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  2. Dave is a great guy, but why not check out the local dealers where you can shoot most models in a side by side comparison? The reviews that I have read on the Horton Bone Collector have not been that good in comparison to other bows in that price range. Noisy, slow, with a lot of vibration seem to have stuck in my mind. It just goes to show that you can't stamp everything with the "Bone Collector" logo and it be a success. I think there are a few reviews on the crossbow forums, but lack of praise for this bow tells me much more than any biased review.

    I must admit that I am not a Horton fan. Any American company that farms out all its manufacturing to China just sticks in my craw. On the flip-side, Ten Point had actually farmed out the Wicked Ridge line to China as well, but brought production back to the States to maintain the level of quality they expect.

    Lots of good entry level crossbows out there on the market today, just check out the warranty periods as well. What is your budget? What type of hunting, treestand or ground blind? Is speed important? Package deal, or bare bow? Maybe some of the guys here can help, but Dave at Wyvern should be able to stear you in the right direction, for your situation and type of hunting. He will also be able to tell you which companies have the best customer service. Just give him a call and pick his brain.

  3. dave actually emailed me about the Bone Collector....didnt sound promising...done tone of hours of research, some shooting of different models, but overall price is very important to me, and I havent seen a single bad remark on the Wicked Ridge line other than a little flaking of paint....thanks
  4. One that you might want to check out is the Barnett Jackyl. I have no personal experience with this bow, but I know guys that do, and I believe them when they say it is one of the best (biggest bang for your buck) entry level bows. I think you can get one set up for around $300, but they have shorter warranty periods as well. Just a trade off, price vs warranty. IMO, all crossbows will need some form of warranty work at some point. Some sooner, rather than later. That is where great customer service comes into play.

    Have you looked at any of the entry level Parkers? They make quality bows with good warranties and great customer service.
  5. I am looking for my first crossbow also. I shot the Barnett Jackyl last night at Arrow Head Archery in Eaton Rapids. I thought it shot very well and wasn't as loud as I expected. That being said I am just getting back into archery...shoulder and elbow problems kept out for awhile. I want to look at a few more models before I decide.
  6. Just to be clear, the Jackal is 100% made in America (Tarpon Springs, Fla), has the same (5-year) warranty as the Wicked Ridge, MIM trigger, ADF, and an outstanding Customer Service team should you ever need one. Packages can be had for around the $250 mark, and you simply can't beat 'em for the price. Honestly, it shoots right up there with others that I have that I paid waaaay more $ for.

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