Honker Hangers Shoot 56 Geese In Weekend

Discussion in 'MichiganWaterfowl.com' started by wishtofish, Oct 10, 2005.

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  2. Now that how you cut 'em. Never had a rotation hunt. Which I'm sure you were rotating guys in and out of the field as they limited out. Sweet.

    Bellies up shows up better in the photos, It looks like a 11 man limit right???

    You guys need to hold down the populations around here, I'm headed to North Dakota to try to push a few snows this way.. :lol:

    Again good job.


  3. [​IMG]

    Saturday Morning Hunt

    Huron Pointe Sportsmans Association Youth Hunt Saturday Evening

    Sunday Morning Hunt

    Bringing in New Hunters during the Hunt


  4. Pics look great guys

    Belly up is the way to go


    22 birds Sunday morning your right.

    We had guys waiting in the trucks by the road and after a flock would decoy we would rotate.

    A little hecktic but fun and rewarding none the less
  5. "Outstanding"....... :woohoo1: Way to go guys, nice job. You hooked some youngens for sure. Nice pics............. :)
  6. Way to shoot fellas. I had a great time with all of you Sunday. (Feet down, Flaps out, and Grind Em) thats the way I like it. Thanks again for the friendship, and laughs.
    Thanks Again!
    Brian AKA: Quack Head
  7. It was a total group effort. Let me tell ya they came in really close. We had some really good shooter's this weekend. we got em' in and out fast.
  8. Anytime, you know that! We want everyone of the guy's to be out, I think most time's that there is a communication problem. Glad to have you out there with us QH. What's up for next weekend?PM me!
  9. Quackhead:

    Glad to have you up..... Great time with friends all out in the field.... The nice thing about being out and working the waterfowl is that we don't have to be very quiet til we have birks coming in. Branta and I agreed opening week that it was the thing we all enjoy the most..... Don't have to be compleely quiet like on the deer stand...... You know that to are welcome anytime.... nice having you back to the house for a few hours after we rotated out.....
  10. sean


    56?!!! What you couldn't kill 60? :D :D ;)

    Great job guys way to cut the sh*t out of em'. You might want to change your name to "THE PUNISHERS" :lol:
  11. It was another great hunt on a sunday morning. I wouldnt say I shot that good, 14 shells/2 birds. Not very economical since I was shooting Federals new hevier than steel stuff, $1.80/shell = $25. I gotta stop shooting at other peoples cripps....and the running after them is not my thing, j.k.

    I'd like to thank everyone there Sunday for the laughs, teamwork in setting/picking up equipment, and opportunity to hear seven guns poppin off as birds fall from the sky.

    And by the way, I am VERY surprised I havent seen any mention (or a totally separate thread) for Branta's miracle shot.
  12. No mention necessary - Just didn't want him leaving to tell his buddies NOT to fly back over this way!! :p

    and besides, "miracle" would imply that I didn't really think I could get him!! :lol:
  13. How about a change and some action photos from you guys? The pics with the Honker Hangers sign in the back looks the same as the other ones, let's see some action photos. ;)
  14. Sorry to bore you but those are different birds with different guys in all the pics. The guys like to be able to go on the site and see the pics we took of them.

    We have a lot going on with that many guys and birds around, between calling, flagging, spoting , moving decoys and people it is a zoo.
    We have quit a bit of good video footage of birds in the death drop, but we will work on some action photos for you omega, you have been persistant about them.

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